À la carte

24 Oct

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The best thing about inspiration or ‘thinspiration’ it’s random, motivational and most times a savior. I’ve been in a fashion/weight rut for a while now, I’ve become tired with my workout routine, I don’t feel like I’m loosing weight which, snowballs into me not wanting to workout out. Not to mention I feel like a hefty hog nor do I have the urge to put on decent attire, cut to me in fat people clothing a la (chino, sweats, and cargo pants). As always Skinny-Jesus gave me a reason to put down the salt and vinegar potato chips and sweat.

A follower on Instagram suggested I download the Nike+ running app, I must say, I love it! It give me goals, progress reports and rewards that motivate me to workout more, and keep tabs on my slacker friends. While attempting to earn a new badge on the app during a 11 mile run I passed by the Exploration Place science museum. I jog pass this building weekly and somehow today it really caught my eye. I don’t know if it was how the sunlight was hitting the building or reflecting off the water and windows however, I had to stop take a snapshot to send to my site photographer Mike Saisi to see if he could shoot me there for my next post.

Only thing, I had nothing in mind to wear. That was until I was getting ready for a job interview. I was going though my site for thinspiration and I came across a post I did back in February where I use a picture from Vogue Homme Japan summer/13 issue of a model dressed in Dior Homme, I decided to recreate this look.

Instead of blue and red I went with black red, and white. I got this striped boat sweater from JC Penny’s, Pant’s from Express and oxford from Tommy Hilfiger. After my interview (that went well) I met up with my photographer to snap a few pics. Pleased with this look I feel like I’ve got my skinny back, minus these clothes looking a tad bit large but I did buy these garments a year ago when I weighed more.

Moral of the story… Don’t Be Fat!

Photo by Micheal Saisi
Please do not edits or crop image(s)

Please do not edits or crop image(s)

Please do not edits or crop image(s)

Boat Sweater: JC Penny’s $11
Oxford: Tommy Hilfiger $30
Slacks: Express $59.50
Shoes: Asos.com $99.99
Accessories: (watch & bracelet Micheal Kors)


2 Responses to “À la carte”

  1. TOAST&GRITS. October 25, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    love those shoes ..nicely styled.

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