Skinnyday Wishlist!

18 Oct

I have 14 days till my birthday better known as my SKINNYDAY 10/31/2013. I have been fasting, doing extra crunches and running 6 miles a day to enter 28 a skinnier better person and for all this hard work I feel I deserve a few grand prizes.

I’m a rather amazing gift giver just ask anyone who has ever received a gift from me. I factor a lot of things in purchasing my friends and family presents such as, needs, desire and what I hate about the things they already have. I’m into making people lives better however, for the past few years I’ve been receiving some suck-y gifts from people that I have to respectfully decline.

I know you’re saying, how can I give back a gift that someone have took the time to get for you. Well its like this, I would rather you get your money back than leave me stuck with something I will never use or you will never see. Sometimes I feel like the people in my life don’t even know who I am or read my site. So much so that they have resulted to sending me gift cards (to places I’ve never been or seen.)

This year will be different! Back in January I decided to boycott all gift giving no matter the occasion or person until after my birthday. If I don’t get at least one birthday present that I like I will only be giving out Christmas cards with autographed pictures of me. For the oblivious gifter here’s my wishlist. Shop accordingly.

“It’s better to give than to receive” is a phrase some parent with horrible taste made up, poor kid.


I have had my eye on this bag for almost a year now. I need a bag that is durable, versatile for work, flying and everyday use and stylish than my cool but sometimes juvenile Jansport. I need a fashionable get up and go bag.

Leather Jacket

The two leather jackets I already have I am ready to part with, in return I want this for a better winter.

White Leather Chucks
Converse All Star Leather Hi - Men's

Chuck Taylor’s are men’s staple shoe and my white canvas pair aren’t right for fall/winter.

Plane Ticket To San Francisco

I plan on moving there at the top of the year and I want to visit one more time before I make the move official.

New Camera
Samsung - 20.3 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera

I run a blog I need one. This one or the Canon Mark ii or Nikon D600 whichever is the better camera.

Road Bike
Takara Men's Kabuto 23 Road Bike - BlackYellow

I sold my cruiser because it was too slow and I didn’t feel as if I was burning enough calories. I need more efficient ways to get thin.


3 Responses to “Skinnyday Wishlist!”

  1. Manu October 18, 2013 at 10:37 am #

    I love the jacket! By the way, I’m turning 28 next 11/11!!!


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