Thinspiration: Thin Black Duke

15 Oct

Thin Black Duke (1)

If no one see you eating does it have calorie? That was the question I asked myself last night when this 6 p.m. food cut-off time was getting the better of me around 9:30 p.m. where all I want to do was inhale a bag of chips and skip abs. I thank Skinny-Jesus for Tumblr.

Among the ripped abs selfies and “back from the gym” sweaty face/pecks posts I found one of my ultimate thinspiration Fernanado Cabral posing in this month’s issue of Essential Homme magazine. Photographer Arcin Sagdic did a smashing job of capturing the hard edge (interestingly) dapper fashions donned by the gaunt model. Stylist Nicolas Galetti did a brilliant job of pairing flamboyant tough pieces with this season premier menswear collections. I am very found of those quilted leather pants.

However, Cabral is what this spread is all about. I couldn’t care less who or what designed these clothes. Fernanado Carbarl skin and body is art, he makes me never want to eat again or at least wish I was born Portuguese (have you ever seen a fat person from Portugal.) I enjoy fall/winter fashion spreads because they give me motivation not to slack on my diet being that cold weather brings the layers clothing and belly wise. I wish my cheek bones would hollow out like his.

I’m so glad I found this editorial now I can do a couple more reps because I almost had a Snicker.

Thin Black Duke (2)

Thin Black Duke (3)

Thin Black Duke (4)

Thin Black Duke (5)

Thin Black Duke (6)

Thin Black Duke (7)


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