Weekend Motivation: #nodaysoff

20 Sep


Cheat days don’t work and your delusion and weak will is why you’re still fat. I don’t know what makes some fatties believe that the purchase of some Insanity DVDs, Herbalife drink mixes and new gym memberships will magically transform their bodies into the ones they bookmark on Tumblr and Pinterest while still gorging on the crap that has their waistline in the predicament it is in now.

It’s so much easier to stay in shape than to get into shape.

It takes a steadfast person that is truly tired of wearing a shirt to the pool and shopping at the back of the rack to achieve the body they desire most.

Pretty frequently people ask me for fitness and weight loss tips to which I don’t mind answering, I mean everyone deserve to be thin. However, my problem is that they think it’s an overnight process or that weekend liquor binges followed by carbohydrate packed Sunday brunch buffets will still result in a six pack abdominals come Monday.

It takes one day to get out of shape and two week to get back in shape.

I know you’re thinking, well I see stealth people like the Rock, musicians and Supermodels always talking about they indulge on the weekends. Unfortunately, you chubby cheese burger they already have the desired body they want, you don’t so put down the burrito.

A boxing instructor once told me, “There is no use of going a week with clean eating and killing yourself in the gym only to pollute your body on Saturday.” I totally agree! The whole point of you taking the steps to a new better body is to discontinue your old glutinous ways.

Cheat days only set you up for failure and lead you back into a rut of poor eating choices. While you’re convincing yourself one slice of cake won’t hurt, yes it will just read the calories per serving on back. There are multiple fat calories in each ingredient used to make that one tasty treat.

There‘s a hash tag I notice fitness enthusiast use #nodaysoff and there is a lot of motivation in that simple phrase. You don’t need to workout 24/7 or count and weigh everything that goes into your mouth although, you need to be conscious and aware of the decisions you make in shedding pounds. Make everything count, change your priorities and set reasonable goals.

The best way to maintain discipline is to stick to what you know you can do. I always push “prioritizing” when transforming your physique.  Such as, scheduling workouts beforehand so that I know I will have the time to work out, opting out of events where there will be too much temptation until I reach my goal and sticking to my regime of sleeping and eating.

I don’t mind going to bed early to get in a morning run before work, not only will it give me energy but being well rested my body will burn my food choices effectively instead of storing fat to keep me awake. As well as, you’re more likely to really consider your caloric intake throughout the day and won’t be as hungry later aiding you to cut off your late night snacking. (There’s no certain time of day your body stop burning calories but if you’re home just sitting watching t.v. or on the computer then, you aren’t burning much but building cankles.)

It’s better to skip the cheat days than the gym, look at the bigger picture; that one day of savory (fat) eating is another week away from seeing your neck.

Bon Appétit.


2 Responses to “Weekend Motivation: #nodaysoff”

  1. Manu September 22, 2013 at 2:47 am #

    I’m having such a good time reading your blog! Totally agree!

    Your new fan Manu (from Spain) – a.k.a. @maximo_espejo instagram 😉

    • BougieHippie September 22, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

      Thank-you! I’m glad you enjoy! Don’t be greedy share the link with others!

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