Finding Focus.

9 Sep

Naomi-Campbell_Vogue-Brazil_Anorexic- Escapades
Why is it that Mondays are always the day that we start to rethink our lives? My alarm went off at 8 a.m. as it does every morning to prompt me to start my morning run however; I was confined to my bed attempting to avoid another week of dealing with my CDD (Career Deficient Disorder.)

Not to brag (but I am) I am good at a plethora of things I mean, check my résumé. I’m one of those people who see something they like, research it and do it. Every job I’ve had I went in at an entry level and exited at management level then off to another completely different career path that peak-ed my interest. Though, I have acquired many skills from my work experiences fashion has always been at the core of each position.

Howbeit, with my 28th birthday quickly approaching I frequently find myself filling with anxiety comparing my life toady to where I expected myself to be 10 years ago. What’s even more paralyzing is that I am always giving rather great advice to others that are dealing with similar life plateaus.

Being the weight whiz I am if this was an issue dealing in my waistline then piece of cake, literally. I think what’s hard is taking my own advice.

It’s funny how the universe finds a way to speak to you through helping others.

Take this afternoon for example; (that provoked this post) my neighbor was on his balcony playing his guitar and I stopped to talk. Something I never do because I don’t like getting to know my neighbors. He’s around my age during the conversation he explained that he’s at a point where he don’t know what he’s doing with his life or how to start it.

He asked, “How do I find my focus?” I was taken aback by that statement only because I never heard that before. I’m use to people trying to stay focus on a dream or trying to stay with one dream (me.)

I assured him that he will find his focus and to chill on the added pressure. Our twenties are all about figuring it out. I personally don’t want to be one of those people that wait till their mid-thirties or forties to change career paths or wait till they have a family depending on them then have a mid-life crisis.

Finding your focus is rather simple: narrow down what you’re good at, hone in all you attributes to propel it, research/study the craft and follow through with it.

We create our own self-doubt when we compare ourselves to peers that we feel are doing better, not knowing their complete situations or own personal career struggles.

Choosing a focus is picking a struggle. If there’s something you want to achieve you have to be able to accept the good with the bad. If you’re going to struggle let it be something that the reward is worth the haul.

After that heavy conversation I went back into my apartment to focus on something lighter, fashion week. As I was scaling the September issue of “Harper Bazaar” I read a write-up by David Blasberg on supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Now, I don’t condone celebrities as idols for many reasons however, I do use them for thinspiration from time to time. Upon the many reason Naomi Campbell is one of my idols isn’t her ageless beauty, brilliant body, health regime, amazing skin or resilience to the bad press and poor mistakes she has made but to her work ethic.

Naomi at 43 years old has managed to remain in high demand in an industry that discards people at a certain age. She not only is the standard of her predecessors but looks better than her counterparts that are half her age.

What I hold in high regard to Campbell’s career is how she manages to stay hard working. I feel that she never seem to have lost her focus or had to deviate to a new career path due to her mistakes, age or comparison to her peers.

I was smacked in my face by this realization. There are many things I want to achieve before the end of this year (specifically.) I’m always setting mini challenges although; I think it’s to avoid my aversion to my huge aspirations that sometimes seems unachievable. As of today I am ready to focus. It’s not about knowing what you need to do it’s about applying it. No more blurred lines for me.

It’s crazy how my own advice has helped me out.


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