The Challenge…

5 Sep


Ultimatum: a final proposition, condition, or uncompromising demand; especially: one whose rejections will end/severance relations and cause a resort to force or other direct action.

Living this “thin lifestyle” takes follow through, I constantly give myself mini challenges otherwise known as ultimatums. Being the advanced procrastinator I am I set small do or die check point for myself just to keep order and discipline in my life. Howbeit, telling myself if I don’t run at least 12 miles this week I can’t have a real dinner, if I don’t meet all my deadlines by Friday then no dates Saturday or I won’t purchase any shoes if I don’t reach my monthly financial goal.

Ultimatums may seem like a bad thing but its how we manage our lives, as well as decide to take new paths and let some things go that isn’t resulting in success. Ultimatums keep you on your toes and off your flabby butt.

Here’s the thing ultimatums only work if you weight each proposition, understand the ramifications and stick to your final term.

On the topic of love, dating, relationship or whatever you want to call it, confused lovers use ultimatums as their “go-to” when they feel burdensome (I say bulky) with their complacent lover. For example, a close friend of mine that has been in a relationship for about 3 years now ready to get married but don’t want to be the one to pop the question or feel as though they are pressuring their mate into a commitment they aren’t ready for.

Side note: I don’t know why my friends come to me for dating advice but they do. I keep telling them, don’t ask me ask your fat friend!

My friend is ready to give a marry-me-by-said-date-or-move-out ultimatum to their spouse. This is why my friend is an idiot and most of you out there desperately single or in loveless marriages that cause you to over eat which is the reason why he/she won’t touch you.

Ultimatums don’t work! …Unless you’re me.

3 Steps to Getting What You Want with Threats.

Scale: When giving your partner an ultimatum you need to weight the condition of what you’re propositioning. Will you be okay if the answer isn’t what you want to hear, is this the best way to get what you desire and does your wants cause for this resort?

Follow Through: Be confident in receiving a no. That means in order to stand by your conditions you have to know there is a great chance in not getting a yes. Don’t back down, have your exit strategy and let he/she know this is it. Ultimatum only work once so if you renig then you can never use it again, you won’t be taken seriously.

Results May Vary: Know there will be resentment in whatever answer you receive because they were forced into making a move. Know that most people do the opposite of what you want when given an ultimatum. Know that when you give an ultimatum the ball isn’t in your court anymore and the receiver has all the power.


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