Skinny Secrets.

13 Aug

On The Go Facial

Question: I’m a guy and I recently found your blog. I also follow you on Instagram. I see that you cover skincare and I need some help on maintaining somewhat of healthy skin. My problem is finding a routine that I can stick to. I have a pretty busy life and I can’t ever stick to a routine of washing my face with several products in the morning and at night. When I get home I’m ready to pass out but I don’t want gross skin, at my age acne isn’t desirable. What do you suggest I do to get in the habit of washing my face and keeping decent looking skin?

Like most people I have a hard time sticking to a regime, howbeit diet, working out or skincare. It gets monotonous, time consuming and when I see results I tend to quit then, I need it again.

The obvious answer slacker would be discipline and the simplest answer is variety. Because I am a giver I’m willing to share one secret of mine to skin maintenance- towelettes.

Towelettes aren’t only for women or removing makeup. Cosmetic companies have created easy and effective lines of cleansing wipes for men. Beauty companies like Burt’s Bees, Matte, Neutrogena and Yes to Cucumbers understands that men want/need an “on the go” facial cleanser for clean and younger looking skin. No, guys don’t want wrinkles either.

What I like about towelettes is not only do they have a version for all types of skin and conveniently remove dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants from the face and neck without the use of soap and water. But they are quick and exfoliates as well as, contain vitamin A, retinol and collagen that are important for a healthy skin.

What I do is pair these with my current facial regime. I wash, scrub, tone and moisturize in the morning while in the shower. Since I take a shower every morning it’s fairly easy to stick to that part of the regime. On the other hand it’s at the end of the day or mid day after my second workout or cooking (when it’s that time of the week to eat) that I forget or don’t have the time to go through my morning routine all over again.

All you have to do is wipe your face and you’re good to go, to sleep that is. Towelettes give a great cleaning that is fast and easy to remember with the right vitamins that your skin needs to thrive. If you brush your teeth every night then you can wipe your face down. You can throw them in your bag in case you don’t plan on returning home but still want clear and clean skin wherever you wake up (I’m not judging but I am.)

My go-to products are Simple Oil Balancing Wipes and Target brand of Up & Up Exfoliating Cucumber Cleansing Towelettes. I have oily sensitive skin; I don’t like harsh irritants or perfumes that upset my skin while cleaning it. The zinc, PCA and glycerin helps refresh and control shine while treating my skin. The green tea and cucumber soothes my skin and reduce black heads. I basically get all the help of my daily wash, scrub and toner in one towel.

I hoped this help [for more questions & advice email] let’s make it a post!


2 Responses to “Skinny Secrets.”

  1. TOAST&GRITS. August 14, 2013 at 9:28 am #

    Great advice, my skin wont be wrinkling anytime soon lol.

  2. Jay Hollywood August 14, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    Garneir and Neutrogena should pay you because I went and bought the overnight peeling mask you talked about in your previous blog and one of the toners. Needless to say I see a differnce already. Thanks xox

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