Thinspiration: “Rock Me Easy”

19 Jul


It’s Friday, I’m ready to go home and my shins are killing me. I’m so happy that I made it through this workout week and have the weekend off to recuperate till Monday’s new workout routine. I did lose four pounds this week but, I have five more to go by next Wednesday ( I have a college friend’s wedding to attend and I have to make people hate themselves.)

To sustain myself from ruining my week of clean eating and high intensity workouts with a gallon of Blue Bell homemade vanilla I decided to go through my “Thinspiration” bookmarks.

My goal is to be pencil thin in a pencil suit so, what better way to achieve this look than with stripes. Vertical stripes are my secret weapon to giving the illusion of beanpole skinny.

During spring/summer 2013 New York Fashion Week I highlighted the Tommy Hilfiger collection and his superb use of stripes not only did this collection catch my eye but obviously the eyes of photographer Santiago Ruisenor and stylist John Tan for their collaborative effort in the Elle Man Mexico’s June 2013 issue.

This editorial features two of my favorite diaphanous male models, the ultimate skinny Fernando Cabral and mega lips Dominique Hollington. Beside the guys being beautiful with great skin and ideal waistlines they are eating up a lot of runway and editorial work being black models.

This spread is everything that I hope for my summer to be; cool, clean and corpselike. Now if this isn’t the motivation I need then I don’t know what is.

Side-note: I need to get me a crew of skinny friends but not skinnier than me.











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