Picky Eating (Last Day of Paris Menswear Fashion Week ss/14)

30 Jun

Just finished skimming and picking over Saturday & Sunday’s final shows of Paris Menswear Fashion Week ss/14. As I critiqued my favorite shows I’ve come to the conclusion that even though Paris has some agreeable shows however, London reigns supreme of deluxe shows for spring/summer 2014. Paris did present some new shapes for men next year as well as lithe textiles. Howbeit, here are my most favorable shows as Paris fashion week wraps up.

I’m praying to Skinny-Jesus that the Americans deliver this September.


The footwear label Berluti from luxury house LVMH have made a full menswear collection. This is a razor-sharp collection of impeccable tailored suits, keen outerwear and stellar shoes. The hues and the suit prints gave an overall polished boyish introspection. Primary colors will be big this fall/winter right into next spring/summer as you can tell from this show.


The remnants of John Galliano’s “Victorian-gentlemen” has all but evaporated under the hands of Bill Graytten. Still staying true to the flounce of Galliano’s aesthetic this collection is less costume-like but more youthful and modern. The contour of the garment are London boy, the color choice are appealing and upbeat. A very graceful approach to current trends without loosing the essences of the John Galliano man. I personally like the neon color and oversize shirts also, the blazers are a standout.


Another collection inspired by the easy breezy appeal of the American beach scene. Kenzo caught my eye with this collection of course with its prints but more so with the jumpers (sweaters) and oversize jackets. The garments are simple in construction but the graphics gives it layers. Lim & Leon did an excellent job of making sporty clothing more streamline and clean with it’s tailoring. An even blend of fun, laid back and preppy.


Lanvin spring/summer collection is the premier Parisian male: chic, sexy and school boy charm. If I could just loose 10 more pounds this is how I want to look. Everything that walked down the runway is just splendid and how a fashion forward guy should dress during summer. These silhouette would rival any female’s attire. Some looks are oversize and other are short and tight but together the show has fluidity and a very sexy looks that worked well with one another. This is ideal if you want to cover up and feel/look sexy or just want to put it all out there and not sacrifice class.


Paul Smith has a way with color. This collection like his previous show continue his electrifying and eye-popping use of color and 60/70’s tailoring inspiration that is a complete fashionable spectacle.


4 Responses to “Picky Eating (Last Day of Paris Menswear Fashion Week ss/14)”

  1. stylentonic July 1, 2013 at 3:23 am #

    My wish list is already full! 😉

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  3. alice July 8, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    After reading several of the reviews, I decided to try this:
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