“Please, Sir, I Want Some More.” #MFW

26 Jun

Yea yea yea I know I’m a little late with my recap of Milan Menswear Fashion Week ss/14 with today being the start of Paris’ fashion week however, I’ve been busy I had meals to skip, calories to burn and romantic dates to degrade. Look, I got things to do. Now that I have a little free time in between two-a-days here are my reviews and full shows of my favorite menswear collections of Milan.

From the look of it my choices are a bit like the food in my fridge…scarce. I’ve come to the conclusion that Milan is slowly but sure falling behind New York & London in innovation and forecasting upcoming trends. Once the top of the fashion food chain of fashion capitals younger and more creative talent from other cities are giving Milan stiff competition.

Anorexic Escapades Brioni ss14

Brioni known for it’s impeccable suits opted for a presentation and I was really impressed. More so because as I am trying to wane myself off my aversion to suits I have been keeping my eye on sleek suits makers for someone my age, aesthetic and need/function. I think the collection is gaunt and clean with the soft grey and subtle colors introduced throughout. Due to the straight forward and preciseness of the color choices and styling you can pay more attention to the details, textiles and tailoring. Professional garments with a hint of casual.

Anorexic Escapades Dsquared2 ss14

To know me is to know that Dsquared2 is my ultimate favorite designers and style influences. This collection like others, didn’t disappoint. Going back to a nature theme these imaginative men Dean & Dan Canten know how to put on a show. Always dapper, trendy and exciting clothing. Keeping with their signature formula like; the scantly clad men, close cut blazers, low cut denim and surprise show closer, (this time the Sampaio Twins) this show was nothing more than sexy sportswear in a jungle paradise.

Anorexic Escapades Iceberg ss14

A very uninterrupted collection is how I would describe the Iceberg show. It just flowed from the lines, fit to the construction. A lot of weather friendly outerwear and shirts very indicative of spring/summer rain and heat. Majority of the pieces are reminiscent to concepts that more minimalist designers are doing now, as well as department store. I love that this collection is feasible without losing its novelty.

Anorexic Escapades Marni ss14

In case you don’t know what fashion critics mean when describing a collection as “smart” then Marni has explained it all. These garments are hip, crisps and jubilant. The prints add cheer, the silhouette are contemporary and the cuts of the pants/shorts are brazen.

Anorexic Escapades salvatore-ferragamo ss14

Salvatore Ferragamo is like the Madonna of clothing. Massimiliano Gironetti continues to revamp this line every season keeping it at the cutting edge of men’s sportswear. Contributing to this new silhouette many menswear designers are previewing of oversize juxtaposition howbeit, flowing on top and boxy on bottom. This show is versatile while continuing a clear vision overall, making you inspired by men’s fashion again. A superb job of staying true to the brand of suits, shoes and bags mixing in a modish approach.


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