Eat Up: another helping of London Men’s Fashion Week

18 Jun

Can’t get enough of London Men’s Fashion Week? Well here’s more…

Anorexic Escapades Burberry Prorsum

Finally back in London from Milan, Burberry Prorsum put on quite the welcome home show. An ode to writers and poets the collection had a vintage “thrift-ed” feel to it with the added help of color to enhance the collection. I like the styling of layering light fabrics and funky acrylic sunnies. This show was really soft compared to previous shows, you can see the “London Guy” inspiration all over it. I’m a big fan of the cigarette pants and polka dot scarfs (we see dots will still be in season next year.) However, I must say London’s weather must sucks year round because every designer there a present rather warm looks for spring/summer.

Anorexic Escapades Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Reaburn collection is nothing more but city guy gone camping. From foliage prints to his backpacks and anoraks you can see the carry of street to nature. The neutral colors arouse this theme even more. I enjoyed this collection it has the best components of spring fashion: style & ventilation.

Anorexic Escapades E. Tautz

This show easily moved to number one thus far of London’s fashion week. Its fluid, exquisite but buoyant all the while being ideal to wear from spring summer right into fall. Everything about E. Tautz’s jaunty garments are chic and current as you see with the graphics, long oversize shirts and skinny suits. I have no problem with calling this show classic.

Anorexic Escapades Nicole Farhi

Void of color Nicole Farhi’s collection relied heavily on the texture and tailoring. This collection is strong because not everyone want big or tight clothing nor in loud colors. These are just boss garments that anyone can wear or have worn. Each piece every guy owns which makes this show the most relative. It’s unnoticeable trendy.

Anorexic Escapades Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer create clothes for the older fashion guy I hope to be. His collection is for men who still have a sense of humor and whimsical personality but still have the daily dealings of a gentlemen. What to look out for is his cut in pants as you can see he kept the waist small but went for a lax fit through the leg. A little hippy/artsy but tailored and well put together. The combination of bleached denim, splattered paint and structured jackets work effortlessly with one another giving the aged look a bit of freshness.

Anorexic Escapades Christopher Shannon

Spring is floral, neon and glitter! Thanks for listening Christopher Shannon, as you can see he is the party boy personified with enveloping shapes, psychedelic prints and shorts. This collection is very of the moment I see club kids all across wearing piece from this collection including boring people like myself. The best part of this collection is how the colors and textile choices are so risque but the tailoring and shapes keeps is masculine.


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