Big Guy! Happy Fathers’ Day.

16 Jun

Fathers' Day gif

Dear Daddy,

First, I want to say this isn’t a letter to congratulate you on the things you are supposed to do. However, amongst all the bitter, resentful and disgusting Facebook statuses and Twitter posts from broken mothers more so fatherless children I thought I should do more than call you or just send a gift to show you my appreciation for your love on this day.

Secondly, I know no child agrees entirely with how their parents raised them. Of course we had our disagreements, punishments and times you told me no or worse, “as you mom first.” Sometimes I wished you’d have intervened more when all hell would break loose between mom and me. I also, hate you for these huge thighs I can’t get rid of no matter how far I run or never eat. Not to mention the horrible core I inherited from you that keep me from eating bread, sugar or dairy. Let’s not forget the horrendous whippings you would bequeath upon me for bad grades, slick mouth and a dirty room.

The list goes on of dismissiveness, crappy allowances and yard work. I still haven’t forgotten that time you embarrassed me at school for yelling at my teacher. My friends still have nightmares of the times you would mow the lawn in tattered boxers and when you would walk through the house in a sheet eating sausage rolled in left over pizza.

Daddy you are a loud, intelligent, country and strong man who is the funniest guy I know. I could make this a letter about all the thing I dislike about you but that would overshadow the amazing man you are.
You taught me how to throw a ball, drive (minus the time you screamed at me causing me to run up a hill into someone yard,) swim, shave and tie a Windsor knot (the others I learned off YouTube.)

Pops I adore your style, while most people look up to their moms or celebrities for fashion inspiration, I look to you. Your style is versatile, dapper and always current. I remember sneaking into your closet and stealing shirt to wear to school. You taught me the difference between a black and brown belt, oxfords and wingtips, and oil and transmission fluid.

I cherish the weekly checkup you do to see if I’m alright even though it takes me two days to return your phone call. I have the greatest dad only because you taught me resilience, ingenuity and problem solving skills amongst the many other life lessons and disciplines you bestowed to me.

I may get upset with you but you were the first person I came out to, I was wowed when you invited my boyfriend home and you knew the importance of a father being there for his two sons. Daddy I envy your ability to not pass judgment and your charisma. I’m always amazed at the way you can take over a room and move effortlessly through any environment.

Oliver D. Williams Sr. you are an outstanding man that help raised your four siblings for which your patience was sometimes gone on me and my brother. You may be stubborn but you are there when I need you with your tough talk.
Today is the day I say thanks for doing your job superiorly. In the midst of tart estrange father-son relationships or mother’s cruel vengeful withholding of their children you were there and that’s more than enough any child can wish for.

Happy Fathers’ Day!


2 Responses to “Big Guy! Happy Fathers’ Day.”

  1. Desmond June 17, 2013 at 7:01 am #

    This is the most heartfelt post I’ve read that honors a father. The lawn mowing and pizza statements are down right hilarious. Your father is what I call a Man’s Man-Rough, rugged, and very masculine. Coming out to your father first!! That’s a shocker and very rare in the Black community. Kudos to your father for his acceptance of your. He raised a great you man.

    • BougieHippie June 17, 2013 at 11:08 am #

      Desmond! You are an awesome flower/reader thanks your for comments & support.

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