Thinspiration: Men About Town

7 Jun

Anorexic Escapades Men About Town (1)

What can I say, I have an affinity for lean gorgeous men and fashionable sportswear. As I was doing my daily thinspiration web surfing to remind myself not to fall off my diet this weekend I came across another grand and sublime editorial featuring my ultra favorite male model David Agbodji. This time joined by Corey Baptiste and his opulent skin for the spring/summer 13 issue of H&M Magazine.

Shot by Mariano Vivanco and styled by Tom Van Dorpe this is a clear and present look into the stylish needs of men today. Most men do not like shopping which doesn’t mean they don’t like looking presentable. If you haven’t noticed the average guy shop out of necessity such as, worn-out clothing, interviews, weddings or funerals. Sometimes the women in their life are fed up and drag them to the mall howbeit sister, girlfriend, mom or wife.

That’s why H&M is the ultimate destination for said fellas. One stop shopping to get all your dapper essentials from gym to galla. I am a fan of the array of looks H&M offers. They are always on the cutting edgy of menswear and the reasonable pricing makes it a joy to indulge in every trend.

With the help of David and Corey H&M display the latest trends and must haves from denim on denim, pattern mixing, perfect items to pull off color blocking, to this summer’s biggest trend printed suits and of course principle garments to look perfect while perspiring. They even threw in a tux how amazing is that?

This spread is reflective of men currently, versatility. With the busy and ever changing happenings of us on the go guys having wearable versatile clothing that works seamlessly with our lives and pockets are great to have. I am inspired by this editorial. Men fashion is very present and retailers are finally acknowledging it.

Anorexic Escapades Men About Town (2)

Anorexic Escapades Men About Town (3)

Anorexic Escapades Men About Town (4)

Anorexic Escapades Men About Town (5)

Anorexic Escapades Men About Town (6)

Anorexic Escapades Men About Town (7)

Anorexic Escapades Men About Town (8)


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