Brief Workout.

5 Jun

BootyCamp (1)

Hi I’m Oliver and I’m an underwear snob.

There’s nothing worse than a “well dressed” guy in cheap threadbare underwear. I’m convinced that majority of men haven’t bought new underwear since moving out of their mother’s. Meanwhile, I actually know a guy who still waits for his annual Christmas package from his grandmother filled with tighty-whities and boxers.

There once was a time when the two types of male undergarments aforementioned were merely enough to get you through until you entered the dating world. Today there are a wide variety of cuts, fabrics and colors choice in the category of men’s underwear.

I feel if you can drop big money on high-end shoes, designer belts and premium denim then you can afford to discontinue purchasing your underwear that’s sold in the same place you buy your chips and Windex. Not only does current men’s underwear look great and made well they give better support, work well with different types of pants/fit and enhance your package (front and rear.)

Here to save you from yourself. I consider myself an underwear connoisseur; I’ve tried many brands, well versed on the different cuts and have expert advice on craftsmanship of the array of fine skivvies.
BootyCamp (2)
Briefs, Mid-rise & High-hip: Commonly known as tighty-whities these classic drawers have made a fashionable comeback thanks to brands like Gabriel Grey and American Apparel giving a colorful vintage revamp as well as Calvin Klein staying with the classics black, white and grey but in a sleeker microfiber accompanied by shredded male models in the advertisements (refer to the super bowl commercial.) The ideal function of this staple is that they can be paired with any chino, slack or denim, high hip briefs give great crotch support and the fabrics help with sweating. If looking for booty support I suggest Aussiebum, those are my go to when I want my backside high and tight.
BootyCamp (5)
Bikinis, String-bikinis: These semi kinky undies are usually reserved for sunbathing or muscle guys’ but with brands like Go Soft and 2xist making the band thicker these are ideal for working out and a nice peek-a-boo underneath swim trunks. I will admit bikinis don’t have great crotch support but if you prefer the cupping of a thong without the sting up your tail then these are it. BootyCamp (3)
Thongs, Jockstraps: Because I like workouting in compression shorts I don’t necessarily like having my balls on display so, I opt for a thong or jockstrap underneath. Also, if you like wearing white pants or self conscious about your outline in slacks then these are a breezy alternative. For great gripping without cutting off circulation check out P.O.V., Andrew Christian or C-IN2 apart from the awesome colors I like the built-in support. Some even come with condom pouches just in case.
BootyCamp (1)
Boxers (full cut & tapered,) Boxer-briefs: I don’t know who wears boxers other than the elderly for quick access or corner boys along with their ridiculous layering of basketball shorts and jeans. However, I will admit I do wear them to bed, if worried about ventilation during the summer then go for boxers. Full cut are for those insecure guys worried about their masculinity and can still be found in your local supercenter (cheap bastards.) Many guys do not like boxers due to the nuisance of waist and thigh rising but want the genital freedom, the tapered boxer is a great solution. I suggest Tommy Hilfiger, Jockey or Liberty of London the reinforced band keeps the waist in place and the slimmer cut and side vent prevents rising. Boxer-briefs are more acceptable and the best of both worlds with the coverage of boxers but the support of briefs kind of like compression shorts. Again check out Calvin Klein as well as Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss.
BootyCamp (4)
Trunks: These are the “it” loincloths of the moment. Not much concern for support or fit if you are into labels, stylish colors and enticing fabrics then these are for you. Every department store, designer and vendor have they own line of trunks, don’t believe me check Instagram. The 50’s swimwear silhouette is back as underwear. Similar to a boxer brief but with shorter legs, form-fitting like a Speedo, but has short legs trunks are sexy, practical and fashionable. Cop a pair of Diesel, Junk, Timoteo, Grip or any from the other designers I cited previously. The big waistbands and multi-prints will match your ensemble if you’re neurotic like me about your underwear and outfit pairing. Just stay away from Papi & American Eagle they are as juvenile as boxers, leave them to high-schoolers or creep old men.


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  1. Bill Schmitt June 3, 2016 at 11:25 pm #

    Who are all the models?

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