Anything to Be Thin…

4 May

Anorexic Escapades Color Me Rad 5KPretty sure I have hypothermia but I had an amazing time!

Now that I’m thawed and cleaned of the copious amounts colored corn starched I can post about the awesome time I just had at the Color Me Rad 5k run.

Per usual, I look for ways to stay thin whether it be hardcore exercise, new diets or just having a blast outdoors. My friend Liz and her buddy Tim invited me along to participate in the color bomb run. The Color Me Rad 5k is an event that travels across the country to get people outdoors and active while having a colorful blast. Getting dirty hasn’t ever been this much torture fun. Also, the run teams up with a local charity in your city to which a portion of the proceeds are donated.

You can’t beat burning calories, enjoying a work free Saturday all for a good cause (The Ronald McDonald House) or can you?

When I originally signed up for this run back in March I assumed that May was going to be bright, warm and sunny oh but no, it was 40 degrees and misty with a windchill. This wasn’t a smart pair with my bad habit of dressing for the temperature inside my apartment. Cut to me jogging in this treacherous weather dressed in a tee and shorts not to mention the two Monster energy drinks I guzzled like a fat a** drinking chocolate flavored Mountain Dew (or whatever fat people like to drink) before arriving. My constant urge to pee is what got me through the whole ordeal. My penis/balls has never been so shriveled. I literally had to hunt for it during the bathroom break. Exceeding these undesirable events I really had a delightful time filled with laughs and lots of color.

The extremely cold caused my body temperature to drop and my body shrank therefore, I look thin in all my pics, WIN!
Anorexic Escapades Color Me Rad 5K (4)

Anorexic Escapades Color Me Rad 5K (3)

Anorexic Escapades Color Me Rad 5K (2)

Anorexic Escapades Color Me Rad 5K (1)
I challenge you all to find new and unexpected way to get fit and lose weight as well as give back.


2 Responses to “Anything to Be Thin…”

  1. George thegg1 May 6, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

    Im participating in a similar run in June..looks like fun, minus the shriveled up unmentionables. Good job..and im feeling the hair and the legs(smh) as usual.

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