Good Eats.

30 Apr

Anorexic Escapades Paulo Succar  (1)
As a kid I was deadly afraid of carrots. No matter how many times my mom cooked them or hid them in my lunch or told me how “good” they were for me I just couldn’t eat them. I figured if she’s fat then how healthy are carrots really?

Cut to today, I’m a vegetarian and carrots are a part of my diet, same for “prints.”

I HATE PRINTS! Well I thought I did.

I always thought prints were unflattering, redundant and can be dated and borderline tacky. Today I no longer think prints are confusing and overbearing. Progressively I am seeing designers come up with innovated, keen and sensational ways of delivering prints down the runway.

One trend this season for men is printed/graphic suits.

A few posts back I mention that I am trying to get into suits. While aimlessly scrolling on Facebook I ran across Guadalajara, Mexico based menswear designer Paulo Succar.

The 24 year old’s exciting graphic illustrations for his ss/13 collection “Obscure Biology” a mix of Gothic with astronomical illustrations is perfectly paired. I found this collection very modern yet polished, I adore the 50’s silhouette. The skinny-suit with the tapered legs and high hems isn’t bulky but form fitting and lithe. I applaud Paulo’s take on today’s suit particularly how he made it youthful and edgy.

Paulo Succar’s lively graphic suits can be incorporate it into your wardrobe with other pieces. I would suggest adjusting the jacket’s waistline.

Check out Paulo Succar’s collection on Facebook.
Anorexic Escapades Paulo Succar  (2)

Anorexic Escapades Paulo Succar  (4)

Anorexic Escapades Paulo Succar  (3)

Anorexic Escapades Paulo Succar  (1)

Anorexic Escapades Paulo Succar  (5)


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