Thinspiration: Sweat In Style

28 Apr

Anorexic Escapades El País Semanal (4)

My whole body hurts from my shoulders to my toes. But the slacks I’m typing this post in is a size 30 waist so… I’ll deal.

The past week has been very intense in the gym, trying to reach this month’s goal weight of 168 lbs. I keep plateauing at 171 lbs and I’m kind of running out of motivation- literally.

My six miles a day run, 30 minutes fat burn on the elliptical and chest & arms workouts are getting the best of me. Even my two times a week yoga and spin classes has me laid out on my living-room floor contemplating Domino’s Pizza. The jealous aching fat person in me is screaming out SKIP THE GYM! However, I live by the rule: The diet that works is the one you stick to. Like any other fat emergency I took to skimming some of my favorite online men’s magazines to find some Thinspiration.

I stumbled upon this sportswear shoot for the March 2013 issue of El País Semanal with model Garrett Neff, photographed by Bruno Staub and styled by Juan Cebrián.

The funny thing is, this is what I think I look like when I’m headed to the gym. Nothing gets me more motivated to be skinny than fashion. Add that with some sleek hip contemporary fitness gear then I’m amped!  Originally the styling is what magnetized me to this editorial yet, what really has me jittery about burning calories are the activities the model is portraying in these photos.

I think the reason I’ve plateaued is because I’m doing the same routines in overdrive. I need to relax and do something different and fun. I have a skateboard and bike I could hit the skate-park and work up a sweat without over thinking it. I like when my endorphin kick in I turn into the skinny whisperer.

Pain is fat leaving the body! How do you stay motivated in the gym?


One Response to “Thinspiration: Sweat In Style”

  1. Desmond April 28, 2013 at 3:27 pm #

    I too am a fashion lover and each season is a reminder to keep my body in shape. Another method I use is looking at my father who hasn’t aged well. Wrinkles and laugh lines!! No no no!! I also look at old pictures of my adolescent self with skinny pipe cleaner arms. Never again!!!

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