Eat Your Way to A Clear Face.

11 Mar

Anorexic_Escapades_Saveurs_des_HommesTotal Look: Brioni Plate & Fork: Versace Home Collection

To achieve/maintain your ideal physique trainers and nutritionist live by the 70/30 rule: “70% diet and 30% exercise.” The same rule applies to having great skin.

I haven’t always had the best skin; it took many years of trying different products, sleep and exercise to finally get close to my current complexion/glow. Although, I have specific skin care regimes for the different seasons as well as different times of the day my main ally in never returning back to my “peanut patty pimple face days” has been my diet.

You are what you eat. What you put into your body always find a way to come out, often times through your pores, which results in bumpy clogged distressed skin. In defense to acquiring evenly smooth skin you can’t be a glutton grease ball devouring everything set in front of you. Remember: a diet high in processed or refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats promotes unhealthy skin.

You don’t need a special diet for healthy skin but a balanced one. Today is grocery day (yes I do buy food, just not fat people food) here are some of the items I keep on my shopping list for clear skin.

Kale: Dark leafy greens are more than just a source of calcium but are packed with vitamin C that helps produce collagen for strength and skin elasticity. As an antioxidant, it also protects cells from damage.

Green Tea: Fights the effects of aging and a great way to stay hydrated. Choose green tea over beverages that don’t promote skin health. Instead of adding sugar I use honey, which also has a lot of other health benefits.

Yogurt: Contains healthy bacteria “probiotics,” which improve related skin conditions such as Rosacea or skin inflammation.

Sweet Potatoes Fries: Give you a healthy dose of vitamin A that helps reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging promoting youthful looking skin.

Avocados: Rich in healthy fats, vitamins A and C, and fiber, an almost perfect healthy food that enhances your complexion.

Squash/Carrots: A big source of Retinoid that unplug pores, help clear up acne, reduce fine lines, boost collagen production, lighten brown spots and freckles, and improve skin texture.

For clear healthy skin you should have a clear healthy diet. All you have to do is substitute a good choice at every single meal for a bad choice; you’ll start to look and feel healthier.


2 Responses to “Eat Your Way to A Clear Face.”

  1. Desmond Collins March 11, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    The avocados, sweet potatoes, kale, and carrots are all foods high in vitamin A. Without an adequate amount if vitamin A the skin becomes dry, patchy, and itchy. It’s very important for those people who live in cold climates to get enough vitamin A. Without out it dry skin conditions are exacerbated.

  2. Antonio Maurice Daniels March 15, 2013 at 9:11 am #

    Very good practical advice for your readers. I think most people who need to improve their skin can replace one bad choice with a good choice at every meal. That is, if they really have that desire. They will also feel healthier and when you feel healthier everything about you improves.

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