A Non-Fat Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Vogue Hommes Japan Summer 2013 Issue 2Shirt/Sweater: Dior Homme

Today is the day that smitten couples like to celebrate their affection for one another by fattening each other up. There’s even an entire industry equating affection for obesity, from the candy filled chocolate heart aisle at the grocery, to the lover’s special at fancy restaurants and not to mention all the edible underwear on sale for a special Valentine’s treat (wink wink.)

Which reminds me, I’ve worked too hard getting this body back after all the gorging I did during Thanksgiving and Christmas just to look great naked for my lover on Valentine’s night. So, why in all things holy & skinny would I want to do anything that will bloat me before a night of passion?

I like romance and creativity just like anyone else, however I prefer mine not to include a double chin days later. Here’s “thinspiration” for Valentine dates and gifts that I’m doing with my special Valentine.

Stay Active: Instead of going to dinner opt for an adventure park; miniature golfing, wall climbing or boardwalk stroll. You’ll burn calories, bond over games and reconnect.

Travel: The money you’ll spend on flowers that will die, candy that will make them fat which will make you not love them anymore and sex they can have any other day, how about taking a trip. You two can get away, be alone, enjoy the sites and make new memories that are way better than a crappy card.

Pay a Bill: I don’t know about you but my favorite Valentine’s day gift was when my tuition was paid in full. Take the load off, people are still paying off holiday debt don’t go buy a mundane gift let them open a box that doesn’t have hundreds of calories but dollars.

Here’s to you having a non-fat Valentine’s Day night. Don’t say I didn’t get you anything.

Bon Appétit


2 Responses to “A Non-Fat Valentine’s Day”

  1. Desmond February 14, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

    LMBO!! That pay a bill thinspiration is too funny. It’s the truth. I’ve decided to save my money and go on a Spring Break vacation.

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