Guacamole & Humus

4 Feb

Last night I attended a Superbowl XLVII party otherwise known as the “Stuff Your Face Olympics.” Personally it’s a satisfying reason for me to watch people bigger than me stuff their faces where I won’t feel guilty about eating as well. So in typical anorexic fashion I planned on bringing ice cubes and diet pills to the party, instead I opted to make two of my delicious party dips from scratch- humus and guacamole.


These are two very flavorful, nutritious and easy to make vegetarian dishes.

Guacamole: Though high in fat it happens to be good for you, mainly when made fresh because everything in it is grown. It helps speed metabolism, give glowing skin and healthy hair. Just add all the ingredients in a bowl and smash. Serve with whole wheat chips.

Humus: High in protein, iron, fiber and vitamin c, all it takes to make this dish is to combine all your ingredients in a blender or food processor, puree and drizzle with a little paprika and olive oil. I made my own pita chips with some flour tortillas, basil, parsley and sea salt then, baked till crisp.
Bon Appétit!


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