“Angelina Jolie Diet”

6 Jan

Mission_Trip_Acuna_MexicoIts 2013 and I’m finally back from fat camp! Well, not fat camp for real life fatties but my version of it.

Monday I returned from my week long mission trip in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

I along with 12 other people from the church I attend here in Wichita went down to Mexico to build a house for a well deserving family of four with the organization “Casa por Cristo.”

Here’s the skinny…

For about 3 years I have been contemplating joining the Peace Corp however, I have been a little intimidated and unsure about leaving everything and everyone for two years. Not to mention both my parents strong opposition of me putting myself in potential danger. Though, giving back is something I have always done whether its mentoring young boys at the middle school in my neighborhood, working at the soup kitchen monthly or donating to the homeless here in town I still feel there’s more I can do. As well as, I know that there are people in need beyond the government assisted programs here in the U.S.A.

Back in September I was accosted by one of the deacons at church. I am known for showing up late and leaving early (it’s a rebellion thing from childhood,) he ask me what is it I love doing and I said besides stay thin, volunteering. I mentioned to him my wanting/dilemma of joining the Peace Corp. That’s when he told me about the upcoming mission trip to Acuña and the organization “Casa por Cristo.”
This was perfect! I get to leave the country yet be close enough in case of emergency, able to volunteer in an impoverished area and get Angelina Jolie thin. Side note: have you noticed the more mission trips she does the thinner she gets? She’s my thinspiration.

Nonetheless, I was extremely excited to partake in this experience because I have been beyond blessed by God that I just had to find a small way to say thanks.

So after paying a million dollars to expedite my passport that I could have used to buy Smartwater, racing from Dallas back up interstate 35 right after Christmas dinner to make it to Kansas before departure and continuously explaining to my mom and dad it was no way I would get sold into sex trafficking I made it to Mexico.

The whole experience was just more than brilliant. I originally thought I was going there in a van full of old “holy rollers” which was quite the contrary. It was a group of young adults between ages 19-27 with four older “chaperon type” of volunteers all been on similar mission trips around the world an average of 7 times each. Our group leader was 24 years old this being her 12th trip. We stayed at a local church, I slept on a cot, showered outdoors and ate junk (there went my Angelina Jolie Diet.)

Regardless of our group being young privileged (in our own right) adults the conversations and interactions were refreshing. There were no vapid or senseless pop-culture talks, rude or gossip banter nor any slackers on the build site even with very chilling temperatures. Everyone was upbeat and ready to work hard for the family. Even myself, usually I am a very standoffish person but I stepped out of my comfort zone and actually talked to people, played fútbol with the neighborhood children and I lead Friday night’s devotion. I even got to dedicate the bible to the family after the build.

The family we built for was humble, polite and helpful. Most importantly, though I was there to help them they end up helping me.


In observing and interacting with the family the most valuable lesson I learned the whole trip was patience. I’m constantly rushing for something howbeit success, time, others or God. I find myself becoming angry when things don’t happen when I want it or questioning why I am not where I imagined myself to be in my life goal wise. In doing this I create a lot of self doubt and anxiety because I just want things to happen instantly and abundantly. Without regards to what God has already planned for me. This either leads me down a path of self sabotaging or not taking chances.

Cut to the family. They have been on the list for a new house since the kids were toddlers the oldest son is now a teenager also, being passed over for another family in the same neighborhood after only waiting a year. This family never gave up hope and continued to live their lives then, came our group after many years all there from our own different paths.

Mission_Trip_Acuna_Mexico5The entire week I was in complete awe as I evaluated the family’s living conditions and how they were just so happy. I realized that after this trip I have no reason to complain about anything. Even with our group building just a two room house the family was overjoyed with excitement and appreciation. To most it may not be much but to them it was more than enough. After unloading the van with tons of food, toys and clothes I made a conscious decision to be more patience this year and steadfast.

Whether it’s financially, my weight or the successes of this blog I know all will come in due time as long as I stay diligent and patient.

Mission_Trip_Acuna_Mexico6Overall, the trip was an ingenious and effulgent way to end 2012 in addition to putting a lot of things into perspective. I have so much more to share but I’m already at 1000 words and we all know no one likes a fatty or talk-a-lot.

Find a way to show thanks this year through volunteering in your area. Don’t be a greedy hog give back.

Oh yeah, I will announce the winner of the Pointer Brand Jacket Giveaway tomorrow, my apologies about the delay.


11 Responses to ““Angelina Jolie Diet””

  1. Desmond January 7, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

    This was a great blog post and it made me think about how much I personally take for granted. Well its time I give back to the less fortunate myself. Maybe not a mission trip yet, but a soup kitchen to start off. I’ve learned that when you focus on helping others God quickens the manifestation of your own dreams.

    • BougieHippie January 7, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

      This is true Desmond, I started just like you just doing things around my neighborhood. Even if its taking a name off the Angle or Make a Wish tree at Christmas. Just give someone the same blessing you’ve received.

      Thank you for commenting.

      • Desmond January 8, 2013 at 9:22 am #

        You’re welcome. Thank you for being so transparent with your life. Your blog is genuine and witty with an appreciated dose of comedic genius.

      • BougieHippie January 8, 2013 at 9:55 am #

        Wow! That’s a lot. Now I’m nervous. Glad I’m not a stress eater. Guess i’ll burn it off on the treadmill.


      • Desmond January 8, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

        You’re welcome and not the treadmill. Lmbo. Just continue doing what you’ve been doing. Chase your dreams 🙂

  2. spike January 8, 2013 at 11:18 pm #

    nothing like working hard and doing a good deed, and you looked great while doing it as well!!!

  3. Antonio Maurice Daniels January 9, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    You demonstrate that one can look good while doing charitable service. I applaud you for your selfless acts. We need more people to be committed to charitable service.

    • BougieHippie January 9, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

      You’re always beyond nice to me. Thank-you!

  4. Simply Chic January 11, 2013 at 12:05 am #

    i love you even more after reading this :):) blogging abt what we wear may seem trivial, but at the end of the day so many of us have big hearts and are passoniate about so many different things, and you just proved this theory. kudos to you for doing this!

    • BougieHippie January 11, 2013 at 10:20 am #

      Thank you so much gorgeous for your words.

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