10 Dec

Sweater: J. Crew Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitton

I am beyond enjoying the current state of men’s fashion on and off the catwalk. I think it has a lot to do with men; gay or straight finally paying close attention to their weight. Thank you, Skinny-Jesus.

One of my favorite places to fashion watch other than church, the mall and downtown is Instagram. I spend hours on my cellular/tablet getting lost and inspired by conscious and unconscious fashion savvy males. Women aren’t the only frock connoisseurs rocking the runway anymore. (Personally I think they are doing a bang up job; all those choices and look what some of them come up with.) Even designers and clothiers are taking notice, just look at the extended choices they are sending out each season.

There are so many different aesthetics to choose from…

There’s the high-end luxury fashion players, the Kanyers, DIY’ers, the bleach/shredders/studs fellas, Rihanna boys, the collegiate prepsters and the working preppy guys. The thrifters, the urbanites, edgy hipsters, nouveau hipsters, church men and business professionals. Don’t forget the hip hop skater boys and the return of the club kids. oh yeah, my personal favorite: the gym dudes. Give them a fitted cap, good workout and a t-shirt with a pair of scissors then, watch them work.

My personal style is a smorgasbord; I like to take a little something from all aesthetics. I think my biggest upset is when I see people show their fashion elitism based upon their own style.

Style is objective. What is stylish to you may not be the case for another. To appreciate and understand fashion is to grasp the beauty of people’s creativity.

I’ve noticed many people are self proclaimed “stylists,” aspiring stylists or fashion enthusiast yet they are stuck in a jaded fashion box built buy their own label snobbery, as well as deeming everything as boring or “monotonous.” I feel most fashion enthusiasts haven’t looked outside of their own limited spectrum of personal style to realize they are in a box themselves. I understand most people dilemma with the current state of fashion because they only follow one type of person on Instagram, read the same magazines, and follow duplicated people on Tumblr re-posting the same pics. Even with films and music, you have to step out of your normal perspective to be inspired by something else. Fashion doesn’t really change taste does.

One can buy clothing from any place, wear it in any way and be as fashion forward as the next. I really adore this aspect of fashion, I mean who wants to look alike? I classify a well executed look by its fit, appropriateness and color.

Not everyone wants to push the boundaries nor does everyone wants to be boring. That can be said for budgets too. Some people like to spend a lot of money on garments and others don’t- its all acceptable. I’m trying to deal with this personally. I would prefer everyone to be thin but, hey one battle at a time.

What is your favorite fashion male aesthetic? I just may turn that into a feature…


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