The Thin Lifestyle.

4 Dec

JoggingAfter my last wild late night anorexic escapade in New Orleans I still managed to wake up before 8 a.m. for my morning run. Fat has no vacation days! As I was getting ready my friend asked, “what is your obsession with being thin?” I get this question a lot however, people’s first assumption is that I was a porky as a child.

Quite the contrary, I haven’t ever let myself remotely come close to a jiggle on my waistline. My dedication to my goal weight of invisibility derived from my horrible family!

That statement began my friend’s and I discussion about our own personal weight-loss struggles. In reality I’m fine with my current size I just believe I can always be thinner. Though, with my family’s background I have to work extremely hard to maintain my 30 (sometimes 32) inch waist.

It’s like no matter how small my waist gets I will always have these massive thighs and for that I hate my parents (not hate hate but fat hate.)

A little about my fat family history. First, all the men on my dad’s side of the family have pot bellies in result I inherited a horrible core so I am constantly working on my abs whether its staying away from sugar and bread, doing yoga twice a week as well as, doing crunches every time I even think about pizza. Secondly, I’m naturally a muscular person, my mom and dad are tall built individuals although, you’d never know it today with all the beer and dead animals they’ve consumed over the years. I have made a conscious decision to stay away from heavy weights and stick to a heavy cardio workout regime because I bulk up fairly easy and that isn’t the ideal look I’m going for. Lastly, my parents are big eaters whom I like to call human garbage disposals which in turn I was the same way until freshman year of university I would inhale everything in sight just for breakfast. It was like I never got full till age 20 and all that food found a place to go…my butt and thighs. Now I pace myself and set designated times to cease all food consumption.

To most it seems that I’m forever on diet howbeit- it’s a “lifestyle.”

This is something many weight struggle-rs get confused ending in constant yo-yo diets, failed weight loss attempts and depression. I’d be sad too if I keep buying new clothes that I can’t ever fit. There’s a huge difference between a diet and a thin lifestyle.

Here’s some fat free food for thought.

Jogging3DA diet is temporary point blank period. I only go on diets for vanity reasons, boredom, competition or control when the rest of my life is in chaos I know I can control the scale. If you have a desire to slim down to a certain size a diet is a good way to get to said size but isn’t a good way to stay at it. You have to look at controlling your fat a** as a way of life.

Living a thin lifestyle take discipline, honesty and being realistic.

Discipline: Making smart food choices has to be second nature whether it’s grabbing something quick when you’re in a hurry, grocery shopping with you body in mind and not with your eyes, sticking to a workout routine even after you’ve reach your goal weight as well as, scheduling gym time into your daily schedule.

Honesty: Knowing your limits, not cheating, being able to go out with your friends and still stick to your new habits also, doing your family and health background research to know how to successfully maintain your ideal body. Remove saboteurs out of your life such as, other fat friends, people who tell you you’re fine they way you are; they’re jealous. Stay away from events that always involve food and depressing things that cause you eat and not workout.

Being Realistic: Push yourself in the gym, buy clothes that fit you now and not your delusions of the future, don’t set outlandish weight loss goals. Know that if you don’t workout consistently you will stay fat. Set short goals that will attribute to the larger goal. Come up with the body you want; build a diet and workout regime around that. Know your problems areas. Don’t expect major changes in a small amount of time.

Everyday I’m learning something new about my body and I take that inconsideration of how I live my life. I don’t drink alcohol or soda, smoke or eat meat. I only allow myself pizza once a month, two sweet item a month (minus this New Orleans trip) and cook more than I eat out. I workout even when I don’t want to, get my rest and stay away from foods/drinks that will prevent my thighs from greatness.

Living a thin lifestyle is making awesome conscious and unconscious decisions that will reflect on the scale, in your clothes and your body.

I think this is my most nice post ever. Growth!


5 Responses to “The Thin Lifestyle.”

  1. Erin December 4, 2012 at 7:09 pm #


  2. Desmond December 4, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    Your post are hilarious and very informative. I’m a supporter for life.

  3. roddklever December 7, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

    As always you never disappoint my reason for staying fit are almost similar to yours. There are some clandestine bad genes waiting to get and being 32 I gotta stay vigil on my fit shit. Kudos to you.


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