Skinny Pretty People Problems

2 Dec

Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti9

A stylish skinny Sunday is what I’m going for today. Searching for thinspiration this morning for church attire, I stumbled upon these images of Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti for Commons&Sense Man. These shots totally describe my current mood. It’s 71 degrees in December here in Kansas. I’m not complaining however, with the sun out beaming and me all dressed up for church I can’t help this feeling of boredom and blah with everything right now. I know these feelings are only temporary neither a serious problem I just want to take in everything around me that’s beautiful. Recently I was talking with a guy that I’m very interested in romantically; he’s under the impression that I’ve lost interest in him because I’m not as energetic/talkative/nice as I was at the beginning. I’ve noticed that this has been the common census with all the guys I’ve pursued this year which, I think they all are crazy and expecting way too much from life. I’m very sometime-y when it comes to my feelings. My favorite uncle once told me if everyone is saying the same thing about you then it’s you with the problem. Its hard to believe perfect skinny me have any problems I’m beginning to realize that it’s not me with the problem but more so people misinterpreting my words/actions. I can’t be jolly everyday I mean that’s for fat people, not every question needs a full essay response, and just because I don’t want to talk to you today doesn’t mean I’m over you. People are allowed their own space. Yes, my mood shift but not for the worst. I’m one of those people that can be in a crowd of people or all by myself and be as content. I think he caught me on a day I rather not deal with humans. People sometimes can be a little selfish always wanting constant attention/affection/entertainment without considering the other person’s emotional state. I will admit I have a tendency to become very sarcastic for no reason. On the other hand I just don’t like when people want me to answer questions they can look up, assume I’m mad when I haven’t said anything or expecting constant praise. Eat a cake but don’t look towards me for monotonous emotional support. Like these photos everything around you may be picturesque; pretty face, wonderful setting, amazing clothing, perfect weight but you can just be over it all. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you don’t want it or enjoy it.

Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti7

Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti3

Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti4

Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti5

Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti

Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti2

Adrien Sahores by Cécile Bortoletti8


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