and more NYFW Menswear…

11 Sep

Just cant get enough? Fashion is the only reason for gluttony this week. More menswear New York Fashion Week.

Public School collection was very casual structure. Not any stand out pieces still a cohesive collection clean lines, muted colors except for the blue jacket. A seamless day to night collection.

Another casual presentation, this time from Gilded Age. Denim and leather for spring is a bit confusing however, this may be more for those of you who spend your summer nights by the bay it gets very cold at night. Nevertheless, this is a neat and cool presentation.

Okay, I am still on the fence about Custo Barcelona though, I watch every show each season. I do think his collections are all over the place. Custo still manage to make a party of the chaos. I like the light weight and the free-ness of the collection. This show is more piece oriented I don’t see myself pulling a whole look from this collection.

This is my first time viewing Libertine. Very Los Angles party boy. Cool tees, fun shorts and a different fit rather than very tailored or voluminous what I have been seeing from other shows.


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