Thinspiration “das it”

26 Aug

Sitting around being a lazy lard like the rest of you after church, I had to find me some much needed thinspiration. I have 5 days left and 3lbs to shed to make this month’s weight goal I made for myself. Thanks to that stomach virus my week off at the gym didn’t go in vain because I lost 4lbs while passed out in my restroom. However, now that I’m well I still don’t feel like working out but as I was gazing around my favorite male model photography site Homotograhy I came across the gut envy photo-spread entitled ‘das it!’ shot by Idris+Tony with Red model Caesar Stovall.

I must say this guy is what purging is made of!  I could do without the body hair and I do have those same orange Iron Man undies. Howbeit, his thighs alone is enough reason to set fire to every grocery store, restaurant or mom’s kitchen everywhere. I’m so done with eating this week. I’m heading to the gym now with these pics downloaded to my phone. I WILL BE THIN WITH SHREDDED ABS LIKE THIS! If you are smart you’d join me too. First, let me pay this month’s gym membership before I’ll be back to stealing exercise again.

Later fatties,

Bon appetite.


3 Responses to “Thinspiration “das it””

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