Prefer My Villains: Bones, Seductive & Vicious.

23 Jul

Just got back from watching “The Dark Knight Rises.” Let’s cut right through the garnish shall we? Yes, this movie is about fear and how it keeps structure and how structure supports institutions and how institutions are turned inwardly psychologically due to fear. As well as, how fear is a major persuasion tactic in evolutionary mechanisms for individual survival. (Yes, I’m skinny & brilliant!)

Yes, this was another astonishing exalting and action pack summer blockbuster. Of course in classic Nolan Batman trilogy form the direction and screenplay brought in the edge of your seat suspense, great heroics, smart and believable dialogs wrap up in a tale of lessons of the day moral while retelling the comic book classic of the Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Now on to the dessert, let’s get to what I came to see this movie for…CATWOMAN.

Yes yes yes I know what you’re thinking what about Batman (Christian Bale) we all know he is the best method actor since Robert De Niro and my Thinspiration since before “The Machinist” my morning routine mimic his in “American Psycho” but as I stated we are here for Selina Kyle.

Initially I was more than standoffish to Anne Hathaway‘s portrayal of Selina Kyle/Catwoman now after seeing the movie I am certain she was the wrong choice. Ideally I do understand her casting because as an actress she is young and can act her petite butt off. However, Catwoman is witty, sultry and badass to all Hathaway isn’t. She brought more melodrama than sex to picture which pales in comparisons to Catwoman predecessors Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt and the best Catwoman of all time Michelle Pfeiffer.

Sure Anne wowed me with her effervescent protruding clavicle bone and almost invisible waist-line howbeit, the chemistry just wasn’t there. First off, Catwoman is best blonde so I’m thinking Cameron Diaz, Charlize Therone or even Lindsay Lonhan if she was sober. Ironically enough I would even suggest Halle Berry if she wouldn’t have already done that catastrophic of a film I wont mention. I do know that Catwoman is younger than Batman so the actresses mention are a little older I just don’t get sexy from Anne.

I mean Batman and Catwoman’s relationship was that of tumultuous love/hate and Batman need for turning her from villain to somewhat heroic classy cat burglar.
More importantly speaking of sexy thin villains, I thought Bane (Tom Hardy) was a henchman of Poison Ivy’s and not Talia Al Ghul (Marion Cotillard.) I know Nolan doesn’t like to tell the audience things we already know but I mean stick to the story man.

By the way of course Cotillard did what she does best; deliver a stellar performance with that milky pale skin and those hypnotizing eyes and with that enticing accent to get us to believe her and trick us at the end, even if she had to do it in some horrible costumes.

As for Bane when did Hardy get so bulky and hunky it sucked we didn’t get to hear that English accent some might even be mad because I thought Bane was Latino.

Overall, the movie did a good job of storytelling while still keeping the action and thrill. I noticed that Bane wasn’t killed but shot so maybe he’ll come back with Ivy next installment all I know they better do Ms.Thurman justice even if “Batman & Robin” was a complete let down. That figure wasn’t!


8 Responses to “Prefer My Villains: Bones, Seductive & Vicious.”

  1. johnnys504 July 24, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    I too initially thought Anne would be a bad pick for Catwoman. I mean who could really come behind Michelle? Really? But i thought Anne did decent. I agree she didn’t sell me sex, and i do prefer my catwoman blonde, but she did way better then what i expected. She was somewhat witty and she held her own on the action sequences. Charlize Theron WOULD have been an amazing catwoman right? Or Scarlette Johanson but she’s already playing a Marvel Comics character.

    and Bane was only Poison Ivy’s side kick in Batman and Robin. In the comics he was his own character. He was “the man who broke the back” bc he broke Batman’s back (like in this movie). Great post buddy.

    • BougieHippie July 24, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

      True about the Bane thing but I’m still thinking they might bring him back.

  2. kristina July 25, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    wow! wonderful review! i must see this!

  3. Cakes and Shakes... July 29, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Haven’t watched this yet 🙂 I am going to come back and read this after I have, however!

  4. Antonio Maurice Daniels August 1, 2012 at 9:33 am #

    Good analysis of the movie. Skinny and brilliant, indeed! Lol!

  5. Simply Chic August 5, 2012 at 7:46 pm #

    this is typically not my type of movie, but you and so many other people have me wanting to check it out…

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