Skinny Sighting

16 Jul

I haven’t done a movie review in an extremely longtime. Mostly because movies here recently have all been crap or full of fat people.  I don’t know I’ve just been lazy, okay!

Lo and behold I was at the theatre yesterday to see “Savages” which was sold out so I opted to see “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

I personally think people are missing out on this movie. It’s full of suspense, action, supernatural, historical events and heroics. I blame Blake Lively, yes she’s thin and on a popular teen drama however, are we going to act like that face isn’t dog like?

If you like a movie with a conspiracy theory mixed with supernatural action then this it. Might I add Abraham (Benjamin Walker) is tall, lean and an axe welding champ?

I was genuinely scared in some parts, I like that the movie didn’t have a slow start nor did it take forever to end. Only bummer to the movie the hot skinny vampire chick didn’t have any fight scenes. I at least thought her and Lincoln’s wife was going to have a showdown.

The monologues was nice, costumes were time period correct and a lot of homoeroticism.  Oh, and the actors really could act as oppose to the other vampire franchises.

Though, this movie doesn’t live up to summer blockbuster standards like “Blade” and has been getting not so great reviews I do think being that this is a historical character with a kitschy twist one could only do so much script wise without it being totally farfetched.

I do think Abraham back-story should have had more depth, shown more bonding between him and Henry (Dominic Cooper) as well as we should have seen more conflict between Abraham and Adam (Rufus Swell.) Also, a little more killing. I mean it was only like 12 deaths aside from the showdown at the plantation.

Have you ever noticed that there are no overweight vampires? That sounds like a good diet plan.

Did I ever tell you all how I use to pray to be chosen as a vampire slayer when I was younger? I had steaks hidden everywhere.

Side note: I want Anthony Mackie to be gay so bad!


2 Responses to “Skinny Sighting”

  1. Antonio Maurice Daniels July 17, 2012 at 1:22 am #

    I will give this movie a try. Yes, I’ve never seen an overweight vampire. Lol! I love your site!

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