Tighten Up!

2 Jul

Just like your abs, butt and thighs your SKIN must stay tight as well. For one’s body to be healthy, have elasticity and resiliency against the bodily demands of the world; tone is important. Last week a buddy asked what should he do about his pores. He like myself have oily skin and the summer is our enemy.

I suggested he use an toner (not astringent) to minimize his pores and reduce shinny skin all at the once. Now don’t get me wrong I swear by Biore’s Triple Action Astringent however, I use it in the winter as oppose to the summer as you may know I switch up my skin regimes from fall to summer.

Yes astringent and toner have the same purpose to cleanse your skin howbeit, astringent has alcohol where toner doesn’t. Toner you can use daily and astringent you can’t because it will dry out your skin. Toners cleanse the pores, shrink the pores and restore the skin’s natural pH not to mention it refreshes tired complexions. Some of you real life zombies need it!

Nothing says old like a face full of pot holes.

Right now I am trying out two different toners; Neutrogena’s Triple Action Toner and Raid Clear Toner.

Neutrogena Triple Action Toner: A very sweet smell it treats acne so it’s main ingredient is salicylic acid. I like this because instantly get ride of my oil and shine. I use it after I wash my face and in between washes when I’m just wanting to freshen up in the middle of the day. It doesn’t pre-treat acne like it promises, I just got a stress bump the other day however, it does seal your pores tight while leaving a really nice glow.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear: I use it on opposite days of the Triple Action Toner because of the blemish fading agents. It burns and dries out your skin just as astringent however it last longer that a couple of hours as oppose to the Triple action toner. It smells horrible though, it is fading away some old acne marks.

Overall I say these products doesn’t 100% deliver but my skin has never looked better. Not a pore in sight.

You be the judge.


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