18 Jun

People want to know how I am able to sustain on 250 calories a day. Well listen, this isn’t for the delusional and hungry you have to WANT to be thin. It’s all about tricks, chicanery and double-dealing (like filling up on water and taking a sleeping pill to make sure you won’t eat through the night.) You can’t be out here aiming for thin while defiling plates.

Speaking of defiling, tarnished jewelry is just as mortifying as seam exhausted denim. You know when you see someone in beyond too little pants, you’re praying that you can hit the emergency exit before they explode and you’re hit with all type of denim shrapnel?

Well that’s how I feel when I see a stylish male in tarnished accessories. Your accessories should enhance your look of the day not diminish.

There are simple quick ways to keep your costume jewelry a little long.

  1. Spray your items with a clear gloss spray paint that can be found at any hardware store.
  2. Use a top coat of clear nail polish for small items.
  3. Cover up already tarnished items with gold or silver spray paint. Matte or glossy depending on how you like your jewelry.
  4. Store properly because just throwing all your jewelry together in the same storage container will cause them scratch.
  5. Stack your wrist wear and rings strategically same as storage. For instance with my wrist wear I stack them like so; a metal, a string, a bead, leather then another metal when stacking.
  6. Spray your cologne before you put on your accessories because the chemicals can dull your items.
  7. Wear one necklace at a time.
  8. If you really like it buy two.
  9. You can always buy real jewelry.

You might can’t be as thin as me buy at least you can look good trying.


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