Short Cuts

2 Jun

I beyond loath the mall on weekends. Fatties eating their calorie filled pretzels from the food court while pushing their soon to be fatty offspring in over sized strollers, I wont mention how disrespectful and delusional they are with leaving clothes (they darn well knew they couldn’t fit) all over the stores. Oh yeah, the tweens coming to show off their cute little ensembles that they can’t wear during the week due to uniforms at school. All in the hopes to get some girl or guy’s attention just to end up on “16& Pregnant.”

I just dont like people, okay.

Howbeit, of all days the shoes I order a week ago arrived so I had to pick them up.  In 16 minuets flat I was in and out of that store. 10 to bag and purchase the shoes and the other six was spent grabbing these cute Ralph Lauren Polo T-shirts I passed on my way to the exit door.

Here’s the skinny…

I have this Obey shirt that I bought two summers ago that is just beyond perfect; light weight, durable, preshrunk and an awesome color. I want more but when I found out the price tag of this amazing tee is $98 I just amused I was dehydrated or something and read it wrong because I bought my Obey tee at TJ Maxx for $16.99.

When I seen these Polo tees I was elated because I need some nice/easy T-shirts for summer as I’m trying my best to stay away from graphic tees. These t-shirts were only $14.99 each in the children section of course. You know I’m a slim little thang.

Granted they aren’t as soft as the Obey tees but just as durable and preshrunk. I already own one from the men section though it was $35.

So as usual thin win!


3 Responses to “Short Cuts”

  1. Kiah June 3, 2012 at 1:21 am #

    Super cute tees. I adore anything Ralph Lauren. You are too cute shopping in the kiddie section. 😉 Kiah

  2. MsMariah December 5, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    Best Post Ever.!!

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