Pace Yourself.

20 Mar

Look at me! Keep it simple stupid.

Have you ever seen someone overload themselves with about two to three plates stacked with what I consider scale suicide at a buffet? I sometimes have to contain myself from yelling at them; hey you know you can go back when you’re done hippo!

While you’re working so hard to feed your face just image if you used that kind of determination on a Stairmaster.

Those are my exact thoughts toward people (men) when I feel they are overdressed or “trying too hard” when dressing.

On Twitter someone posted the question; “what exactly is trying too hard?”

I’m guessing someone was exhausted by his attired. I responded “trying too hard is when a look/ensemble doesn’t look organic, copied or too many trends are in one look, in my opinion.”

Don’t get me wrong I am excited by the current state of men fashion. I haven’t seen so many guys take this much pride and time in their appearances no matter their style since the 70’s.

Guys today are taking risks and trying new things when presenting themselves to the world. However just like women sometimes their creativity gets the best of them.

Either they’re mimicking looks of other people, overdosing on the trend section of their favorite magazine or outright looking ridiculous.

I know everyone have their own aesthetic when it comes to personal style and personal style is all about one’s person perception of them. That’s just it; be yourself and not what you think you should look like based on what someone else is wearing.

Here are my personal top three ways of cultivation one’s own signature style without looking ridiculous.

  1. Edit: Before you leave the house take two things off. Save it for another day. Pair down your look to exactly what you are truly trying to present as yourself. Ask yourself if what you’re wearing is too much.
  2. Reference Don’t Duplicate: In layman’s terms, STAY OFF TUMBLR! It’s perfectly fine to be inspired by someone else’s look if it intrigues you howbeit, it’s their look create your own. I see so many people dressing how they feel someone in their field should dress. In result they look like a sad carbon copy.
  3. Pay Attention: A great way for your look to not come off so eager, look at yourself and challenge yourself to incorporate one item into every look. In doing this you will be less worried about your look being on trend but more about are you staying true to your own personal look. As well as look around, are you getting more scold rather than smile maybe you look like a bargain bin dumpster diver.

Overall if you have to ask yourself if this is too much it usually is. Fashion is fun but don’t look like a clown. It’s all about fit, color and appropriateness.


3 Responses to “Pace Yourself.”

  1. Monroe Steele March 21, 2012 at 9:11 am #

    haha great post and i like what your definition of trying too hard is. love your photos too.


    Fashion Steele NYC
    Shop My Closet

  2. kristina March 21, 2012 at 4:55 pm #

    great post! and i completely agree w. keeping true to yourself and your fashion sense. i also like your photo collage!!

  3. Chi March 24, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    love the fotos 😀 so easy!

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