Spilled Milk “Supreme”

18 Dec

“I’m going to give you one day to cry over this spilled milk, tomorrow clean it up!” –My Dad

Everyone wants to wake up thin, everyone wants to be rich, everyone wants to be famous and successful also, everyone wants to be in an enchanted relationship but no one wants to work for it.

Everyone wants something for nothing.

I am becoming physically drained from listening to friends and other people I come in contact with complaining about the things that goes wrong in their life.

Friday night along with my friend Allie Santiago we attended the “Supreme Holiday Party” with Mary Wilson of The Supremes at the Wichita Art Museum. To celebrate Mary Wilson’s exhibition of the group’s gowns worn over the years.

Before Ms. Wilson’s performance she gave a speech, what resonated with me was when she talked about resilience.

“Florence, Dianna, Bettie and I were just some regular black girls from Detroit’s Brewster projects that dared to dream. No matter how many people said no we wasn’t afraid to work.” Said Ms. Wilson

That brought me back to the speech my dad use to give me and my brother after we didn’t get the outcome we were hoping for.

Nibble on this fatty: Nothing in life of valor and sustainability will come without a plan, dedication and hard work.

Nothing is easy. It doesn’t matter what life path you choose to follow, if you look at everything that doesn’t go as you want it as a reason to give up then you will be left with just that- nothing.

Whatever you choose to be, be the best at it. As well as be willing to take risks and be prepared to struggle. Everyone wants the fruits but without the labor. The struggle is the most important part look at all the successful people you admire their stories to greatness are not without struggle.

I see so many of my educated, gorgeous and talented friends waste themselves on pipe dreams, worthless people, crappy attempts and poor decision planning.

If someone tells you no then, ask someone else. If someone calls you fat then find someone who’s into fatties (I prefer you to just diet.) If someone says you need more experience well then go out and get it.

Success is only awarded to those who are willing to do what it takes to obtain it. Crying or just talking about it will get you nowhere. The key to success is resilience. You have to exhaust all your resources, perfect your craft and follow through. More importantly you have to be a connector.

A connector is someone who has relationships with a multitude of people from different backgrounds and expertise that can bring many people together to get things accomplished.

After all it’s not what you know but who you know.

Don’t look for sympathy from anyone because you’re not going to get it. We all are trying to climb that ladder of success. If something don’t work out don’t waste time crying or blaming others and god. Use that time to take responsibility, see where you went wrong and what you can do better the next time. I time and time again tell my friends when they are dealing with these life issues- if you are doing what you are suppose to do you will have nothing to worry about everything will happen as it should just do your due diligence.

You only get out of life what you put into it. Just like the compliments Allie and I got out of these outfits!


8 Responses to “Spilled Milk “Supreme””

  1. vivav December 18, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

    I agree, nothing good comes easy and with so much competition out there you would be daft to think you can just sit there and all the sweet stuff will just fall on your plate. Life is for living and the only way to live is to stop being a deadbeat, get up off ya feet and start moving!

  2. Antonio Maurice Daniels December 18, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    I agree very much with your excellent post. Although I believe that it’s useful and healthy for people to vent and complain from time to time, especially when they use positive outlets, it’s not useful to complain all of the time. For those individuals who complain all of the time, they could use much of the time they spend complaining on working to achieve what they desire. Many people are simply not willing to work for anything; they want everything to be handed to them. Powerful messages in your post here. I love the outfits.

  3. Nekiah December 18, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    Awesome words of wisdom! I loved this so much and it is all so true! You look so fly in this outfit! Everything fits you to perfection. Also, you look good hugged up with a woman! LOL

  4. bassclef December 18, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    Very nice article Oliver. Love it!

  5. kristina December 19, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    oliver, love that striped sweater = fabulous!! and thanks for the words of wisdom, nothing worth doing in life comes easy that’s for sure!!!
    xo ~ kristina

  6. Cakes and Shakes... December 20, 2011 at 4:21 am #

    Oh my gosh, I think I love your blog. **On a sidenote, can i just say, your Dad sounds like somewhat of a hardass?**

    I can’t think of one other dude’s blog I follow, but yours is a definite! Cute!


  7. minasek January 3, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    I just passed by your blog and read this beautiful post; You are so right;
    When someone said to you NO, you need to go to someone else; That’s what happen to me with the book I am trying to write; Because i am not a celebrity or a professional author, a lot of people discouraged me saying that no editor will lpve and publish me;SO i went to a writer who laugh at me by saying that evry writer when they started were not professional either; ther is always a start for evrybody; SO now i am decided to write it and i already started;
    I also need to loose weight but it is another difficult story; I already lost 5 kg so i will continue my method because it is safe and healthy; My goal is to loose 30 kg;


  1. À La Carte | - September 19, 2012

    […] though horizontal stripe makes YOU not me look fat. Howbeit, this wool sweater I got from the Gap last winter keeps the obese look to a minimum. It’s transparent so the outline of my a-shirt shows how […]

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