Skinny With No Place To Go

15 Dec

Fall finals are over and so are new episodes from my favorite skinny television dramas. What’s a cheap emaciated guy to do to keep entertained other than three times a day trips to the gym and X-mas gift shopping?

Five dollar Wednesday at the Warren Theater!

After cutting my hair yesterday, I realized I had nothing to do for the rest of the day so I took me, my movie sweater and holiday Paul Frank socks to the cinema.

I know its Oscar season but I wasn’t in the mood to see a sad drama that would just cause me to cry and want chocolate after. Who needs the calories?

I did see “The Sitter” with Jonah Hill. I know what you’re thinking; you watch movies with fat people in them?

Well not exactly but it is the holidays and one must give back, call it my good deed of the year.

Though the main character was meaty the movie overall was surprisingly awesome.

It was funny, had action, romance and drama with real topics (being gay, infidelity and divorce effects on children) and a life lesson at the end. You know the story fat lazy kid only care about himself next, decides to get off his fat lazy butt to help but his delusion of getting the hot skinny coked out girl get him into trouble that snow balls into more trouble as he realize he was just being used then, finally saving the day and getting another hot skinny girl in the end.

Yes it was a recycled plot and overused gags but what is original these days, I did uber adore Hill’s costars; Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are) as Slater, Landry Bender as Blithe and Kevin Hernandez as Rodrigo. These are some talented child actors that if they stay thin and in shape I see some “full” careers ahead.

After that movie ended I decided to stick around and make up for watching that fat boy run for eighty one minutes by supporting the thin pretty people of “New Year’s Eve.”

I hated this movie point blank period. I’m not going to bore you with the synopsis. I will say, if you have seen “Valentine’s Day” which is out on DVD then, do just that and wait for the DVD but if you are looking for a light mind numbing movie to get you into the holiday spirit then there you go.

It’s another pathetic box office driven assemblage of more than two dozen all-star actors in a movie and finding nothing remotely interesting or desiring to do with them. I will say the Michelle Pfeiffer wasn’t horrible it did seem like the stars with the least amount of lines did the best.

I knew I was going to hate this movie when I saw Katherine Heigl. Side note: are we just going to pretend that she’s not really pretty and doesn’t play every character the same?

“The Sitter” was the better movie.
Fat boy: One
Skinny People: An entire rack of sample sizes.


2 Responses to “Skinny With No Place To Go”

  1. kristina December 16, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    hey i love your paul frank socks!! and i love how you have a movie sweater when you go! but it does get pretty chilly in theaters…
    xx ~ k

  2. Sylwia May 21, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    You don’t need to lose weight, but raethr you should try to gain muscle in effect, gain weight (ignore your scale). The “skinny fat people” that you are talking about have a low percentage of lean mass and a high percentage of fat for their weight. The only way to correct this is by building muscle. You can’t build muscle if you are worried about your weight.And, no matter what you do, you may always have a “tummy”. It’s best not to try to target weight loss especially if you are already thing you may never be satisfied. The people who have rock solid abs are either 1) airbrushed or 2) have put their bodies into extremely low fat percentages (less than 12% body fat for women) for competitions they also lose their breasts when they do this, but it’s usually only temporary as they gain the fat back after their competition or photoshoot or whatever.Adding some muscle will definitely help make your appearance firmer, and the best part is that you don’t have to cut calories you just eat clean.

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