Fat Friend No More.

21 Oct

The Fat Friend: Bubbly (in build & personality,) great chef (how else they became that size) and reliable (someone has to hold the bags, drinks and be a shoulder to cry on when we get dumped.)

The fat friend role and characteristics are easy to define however what happens when the fat friend loses weight?

My best friend, let’s call her Betty from Ugly Betty (remember how she lost the weight and people lost interest) has gone from 206 pounds to 154 pounds since November 2010 and still counting.

Well, I’m on the verge of losing interest.

Not only has her weight drop but so has her self-esteem and tolerance which I find confusing since all fat people are naturally jolly.
Wait, she isn’t fat anymore.

Betty has gone from this sweet mild temper caring person to this calorie counting rage depressed bipolar mess.

We hung together during my visit home at the beginning of the month and she was yelling at everyone for the simplest things, refusing to leave her house, not to mention her wardrobe consisted of tights paired with flannel while not bothering to brush her hair.

I was embarrassed and annoyed but before I lashed out at her or ditched her for that matter I thought, oh this is the “Skinny B Transitional Phase.”
This phase is the period when someone who has lost a substantial amount of weight goes through a personality change.

This change consist of,

Slouchy: Too thin to fit their fat clothes but can’t go out and buy new articles because their weight is still dropping.

Heinous Attitude: Everything pisses them off from the smell of fattening food to baristas who don’t know the different between soy and slim milk.

Depression: Due to being slouchy and having a heinous attitude no one wants to be around them and they don’t want to be seen so there’s a drop into a state of having low self-esteem and emotional bad days.

I had mixed emotions myself upon our interaction I was so use to her being upbeat and positive about everything that the amazing figure in front of me though, nice to look at was horrible to be around.

I wondered; are all skinny people like this including me? Well, sort of because I haven’t had a real meal since 2006 and my attitude can be lethal most times.

I don’t want to discontinue my friendship but I just think Betty has become too intense.

Having gone through this before with another guy friend who went from 217lbs to 167lbs I knew just how to handle this situation.

Still not the fat friend (I mean I am a 32 waist) I had to become the shoulder to lean on. I came up with helpful ways that would get her back to her old state of mind in her new body. For those who are going through the same as I am with your friends or someone who is going through the Skinny B Transitional Phase themselves here are some helpful hints to get out of that disrespectful rut.

1. Subscribe to style magazines not fashion magazines like, InStyle, Marie Claire and Lucky. These magazines are less editorial high-end driven but more like how to fashion guides with extremely useful tips on how-to dress different body type fashionable.

2. Shop for less expensive essentials. The weight is still shedding so you don’t want to spend a lot of money on things you won’t be able to fit in a month nevertheless you want to look presentable at any occasion. Purchase the essentials like; dark denim, wrap dresses, printed tops, white button down shirts and sweaters that look better in a size large so at any size they fit sharp. These items are very versatile and can be found at any low-end department store which can be blended into the new closet once the goal weight is reached.

3. Make inspiration board of cool ensemble to mimic digital or on a thumbtack board.

4. Don’t be afraid to compliment them on their weight loss it will help boost up their confidence and reassurance that all the self depravation hasn’t went in vain.

Honestly when it comes to attitude that’s something I’m still trying to work out myself. All I can say is don’t mess up my order.

This new body may seem to be more hindrance than help but nothing taste or feels better than looking thin period.


5 Responses to “Fat Friend No More.”

  1. Miss jay October 21, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Wow, this reminds me of myself. Yeah, I lost weight (good amount) and my personality change a lot. I lost interest in many things, became a health nut(but I don’t regret that part) and basically thought my friends would set me up for failure if I went out to eat with them. But as of now, it’s all BS and realize that I need to do better. Btw I go through a face where i wanted to only be around health nuts like me and have thin friends but just thinking about that it SO iNSANE!

    Just by reading this….. I can see what I probably put most of my friends through but I did change mentally and physically but I see it as part of growing and finding your foundation with yourself,family and friends. The good ones will always stick around:)

  2. kristina October 22, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    wow! this is very insightful! i have known a few friends that have lost quite a bit of weight and i did in fact notice a full personality change. some of them actually got a big head about their new look and some of them became testy like your friend betty. i believe that it’s all about balance in life. although being slim is important to me, i don’t go to the extreme because i want to be happy emotionally. in any case, these are all great tips on how to deal with the weight loss transition!! great topic!!
    xx ~ ks

  3. Hey October 22, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    Once I lost a whole bunch of weight in high school. I too went through a skinny bitch phase where I treated people like crap. To this day I’m not quite sure why. I think it was because I was picked on so much for being fat. I wanted to exact some sort of revenge. Although I never ever had a slouchy period. Buying regular sized designer clothing was an obsession for me. I had a closet filled with clothing that I never wore. However, my mom commented that I wasn’t a neat as I use to be. Like I had a habit of keeping my surroundings immaculate. But once I lost the pounds that slowly changed. Then finally, when I didn’t get the attention I thought I deserved for losing over 30 pounds, and 3 or 4 dress sizes I went through a depression and gained some weight back.

  4. Hey October 22, 2011 at 4:15 pm #

    I was like oprah. I would go up and down and eventually I lost like 50 or 60 pounds, not enough to be considered skinny but in the thick…….not to be confused with fat or plump range. But with all that weight loss, I still felt insecure. I thought my life was going to change drastically and it did. For instance more dating opportunities, people don’t give you the stank face when you walk into building etc. But nothing drastic. Just be supportive of your friend. Maybe she is crash dieting. Remind her that she should think of losing weight as a lifestyle change not a diet………..and tell her to buy some new clothes. I can’t understand why she wont buy any new frocks. The first 30 I lost I went to every store in the mall that I couldn’t shop at when I was fat.

  5. Hey October 22, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    * I thought my life was going to change drastically and it didn’t*

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