10yrs Later & 10Lbs Lighter

11 Sep

Humm…Ten years ago? I know one thing I can remember; my metabolism was a whole lot more faster then. Oh the joys of scarfing down two plates of chill cheese fries and throwing on the first pair of 28’s and dashing out the door without a care in the world.

On September 11, 2001 I wasn’t at school like most of the people my age, I was in my living room waiting on shoes.

I ordered a pair of Via Spiga loafers and Ralph Lauren Polo canvas sneakers to wear the first week of school which was a week late.

Refusing to go to school until I got them, like any other self-respecting 10th grader skipping school I was home watching daytime soaps (Young & the Restless.)

Per usual it was interrupted by the news telling of the horrific crashes. I didn’t know the magnitude till later when everything was being canceled and the aftermath of the attacks were broadcasted on every channel.

Thankfully I didn’t have any family or friends in New York at the time also only one of my relatives are enlisted in the Military. Though my heart still go out to those affected.

I wasn’t directly connected but I do have an interesting story in relations.

At the time I was asked to move in with my grandmother to help assist with her failing health and to help with my little cousin who she was caring for.

Well my grandmother was (Holy Roller) one of those people who worried and prayed about everything. Every day after 9/11 she would be in the living room watching some candle light visual on her needs calling down the heavens.

Then came State Fair time, now in Texas the State Fair is a huge ordeal; outfits, cars, games and rides and of course food.

I was all prepared to attend with my friends. My dad gave me 100 bucks to go and have fun yet, my grandmother was still on this terror strike nonsense. Every day it was “Be careful the terrorist may strike again.”

As if they were worried about simple Dallas, TX evermore the small neighborhood of Oak Cliff.

Then the final straw broke she told me I couldn’t go to the State Fair because that’s the next terror attack location. She even called my parents and told them I wasn’t going.

I was livid! I just bought a borderline amazing ensemble and had a pocket full of cash. I just politely told her, “Look lady oh I’m going.” She responded, “Over my dead body.”

I laughed.

Here’s the gotcha, she died a week before the fair and her wake was on high school fair day so I didn’t get to go.

I guess she got her way after all.

Blessings to all those affected and serve due to 9/11 you are remembered and appreciated.


One Response to “10yrs Later & 10Lbs Lighter”

  1. bassclef September 11, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    Awh…that’s such a sad yet cute story. RIP to all those who lost (loss; I always forget which is which) their lives as well as your grandmother. I’m sure shes looking down and smiling….

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