Even My Footprints Thin!

21 Jul

I know it’s been a while since my last post but its summer and I’m out enjoying it. You know the usually starving, sweating and swimming.

If you didn’t know apart from me being emaciated friendly I am an eco-friendly advocate. I try my best to keep not only my thighs but my carbon footprint to a minimum.

I only use reusable bags, I recycle all plastic bottles and aluminum containers and only use electric or gas when absolutely needed.

Along with that I am a fastidious fellow, I like having everything in its place clean, spotless and germ free.

One of my favorite disinfectant products is Lysol it cleans incredibly and gets rid of 99.9% germs (at least that’s what the bottle reads and I believe it.)

With summer comes hosting as well as guest trampling in and out of my chic bachelor chateau so, I’ve been in need of something the will have my place smelling great, clean and free of unwanted viruses.

Lysol does have all these qualities but it comes in an aerosol can and aerosols aren’t good for the environment.

I guess Lysol got my letters because I was at the grocery the other day and ran across Lysol in an eco-conscious container and solvent. I’ve tried it out and I must it works just as awesome as the originally.

Try it out and tell me what you think.


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