Cheese!!! (No, Not Food)

21 Jul

It’s been six freaking months since my best friend caused me to miss my teeth cleaning and whitening with my Dentist.

You would think the Dentist runs some type of premier restaurant the way he keeps people on a waiting list.

Though I’m anxious of my smile I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments on my smile. I must say I do have my little tricks to keep my smile from looking beige.

Like most fashion connoisseurs I love my money where I can see it… hanging in my closet. I think a person’s best investment is in their smile.

A white smile is very easy to maintain you just have to commit to a routine.

My little cheat sheet

Plus White 5 Minuet Speed Teeth Whitening: It’s not that expensive it whitens better than more costly brands and in a very fast amount of time. Also I spoke with my Dentist and he said it is just as safe as other whitening brands.

Crest 3D White Toothpaste: Not only does it gives you fresh breathe and fight cavities but it’s a teeth whitener and stain protector. It promises results in 14 days however I seen results in 7.

As everything in life diet plays an important part also. Foods with dyes aren’t good for your teeth neither your body.

Foods to a bright smile

Strawberries: Not only is this a great antioxidant for a smaller belly but it’s a natural teeth whitener the dye with seeds protect and scrub keeping your mouth radiant and fresh.

Dark Chocolate: The components in dark chocolate not milk chocolate or any other processed chocolate interfere with the action of the bacteria on the teeth, which aids in the reduction of cavity formation and protect against stains.

Trident Gum: I only chew trident because not only am I fighting cavities but burning calories by chewing at the same time curbing my appetite. Oh and yeah it whitens as well.

Hey Remember…

Go to the Dentist every six months and please floss after every meal or at least before bed.

I love my smile I think the best accessory is a bright white smile it goes with every ensemble.


3 Responses to “Cheese!!! (No, Not Food)”

  1. arthur July 23, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    what a flawless smile like it ;D


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    […] As well as, is it just me or the week leading to a doctor or dentist visit you get very healthy and diligent about flossing, exercising and eating right like 7 days will undo the damage of six months? Other tips on how I keep my teeth white… […]

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