Greedy >:-(

6 Jul

What’s worse than being a greedy gulping guzzling food monster? A bad host.

The art of being a great host: Entertain, Plan and be Flexible.

Over the July fourth weekend I had the worst vacation of all time. Basically I paid for a plane ticket to lay on someone smelly uncomfortable sofa for seven days.

As I was fighting off sofa bed bugs I realized not everyone is as “stylish” as they portray. I blame the internet.

In my opinion to be stylish is to have style…duh? One could go even further to associate having style is to be cultured. Right?

Well, the more I interact with the “stylish” the more I am becoming aware that the stylish don’t know a thing about being cultured. Case in point… Hosting.

I flew from Kansas to Houston, Texas to visit one of my stylish friends a visit that was talked and planned about 30 days in advance. I get there we don’t go out; we just sit around the house and don’t get me started on the attitude that was given to me. By day four I was over the whole vacation. The original plan was to hang in Houston for three days and then drive to New Orleans to meet with the rest of our friends to a jammed packed Independence Day weekend of fun.

But instead I drowned my boredom in bowls of guacamole, potato chips and reruns of Law & Order: SVU and Noah’s Arc. After I spent the better half of the previous month running six miles a day only eating 40 calorie freeze pops in the hopes to be painfully deliciously thinner than all of my naturally slim buddies.

One thing I pride myself on other than knowing how trick my body into believing it had a four course meal off a spoon of peanut butter is being an exceptional host.

Living in Kansas and having friends from all over the U.S. I had to learn to be a great anchor for my friends when they visit little ole Kansas.

Being a good host don’t take much but charm, organization and a want to try different things. I feel the need to share some of my tips with others who as adults should have the ability to do if they are as stylish as they lead themselves to believe. Fool’s paradise.

Entertain: Be upbeat have some things to do around the house. Read, watch television and search the web so you will have something to talk about with your guest. Even if you cannot accompany your guests on events, give them a list of ideas, maps, directions, and everything else they need to go out and enjoy themselves. Be corrigible, inform your guest of what’s going on as to changes, problems or what’s actually going on. No one wants to feel like a kid by continuously asking questions.

Plan: Schedule events, research your city for things to do prior to your guest arrival. Ask your guest what they like to do before the come also I’m sure its things you personally want to try but never have anyone to go with, well here’s your chance. If you have to work during the day then, plan for that make sure you stock up so that aren’t calling you at work for things or sitting at your place starving.

Flexible: If things don’t go as planned or if your guest isn’t responsive to your pre planned events then don’t be afraid to try other adventures. As a host it’s your job to make your company feel as pleased as possible. Never act imposed upon.

It doesn’t take much to entertain neither does it take a lot of money most importantly PLAN! Take in account that your guest has spent money to come see you in return you could at least make it worth their money. Stylish people are not only well versed in clothing or looking great but also in being a great entertainer.


3 Responses to “Greedy >:-(”

  1. ACapri21 July 6, 2011 at 10:40 am #

    Its an eye opener cause some people just don’t know how to host nor entertain. Glad u pointed out the key elements.

  2. Drew-Shane July 6, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    I will def. keep this in mind–

  3. Christina Atkins July 6, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    Great tips! Some people are just lacking in being hospitable.

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