Can’t Get Fat With Your Eyes

27 Jun

Just like everyone else my News Year’s resolution was to shed some lbs.

Right after I learn to play the guitar that I begged for during Christmas but, before brushing up on my Spanish in which I’ve enrolled for the fourth time. Oh yeah and to prefect my British accent.

Well seems that the only resolution I’ve kept is to read at least one book a month for the whole year of 2011.

This little resolution is the best one yet. Inspired buy last year’s resolution to only watch 2 hours and 30 minutes of television Sunday thru Friday which I still stick to, reading has become a great way to fill the time and not my stomach.

Let’s face it what is there to do other than to eat and watch television.

The awesome thing is the books I have been reading are better than some of the shows on now.

Who knew reading could be so entertaining?

So much so that a couple of friends have joined me and after each book we have a fun small discussion at my apartment that doubles as a great way to catch up with my friends.

The book I just finished is “Rich Again” by Anna Maxted.

Let me say first, the kind of books I read isn’t full of lust or profound. I love a good fun life lesson have and have not coming of age read.

Basically anything with the words “Thin,” “Rich” or “Pretty” in the title.

This happens to be the title of the book I read in March “Thin Rich Pretty” by Beth Harbison. A Fabulous read predictable ending.

The book that had my jaw dropped other then the hopes to eat doughnut without sitting in the sauna for 2 hours to sweat it off has to be “Rich Again.”

Side note: I didn’t feel rich because the book was paperback. I don’t know why but paperback books always have mad be feel poor and second hand.

Back to content of the book…

This book is ultra salacious and has more hairy twist than Alicia Keys braid at last night BET awards.

It’s an account of a hotel mogul and his bad luck in love, his emotionally scarred children and life with and without money. This is a very good read it’s not overly written with unnecessary words or too many side stories and the ending is a shocker! A first for me usually by chapter two I figure how the book will end.

My favorite characters were the step mom Innocence and Claudia the adoptive daughter. Both women were hard workers and hustlers. One conniving to such she faked being royalty landing her a billion dollar husband or so she thought and the other an heiress who left home to become a meagerly paid tabloid journalist who almost married her birth dad.

These ladies hustled up on everything. A private Caribbean Island, designer walk-in closets and dollars galore even a delusional cunning murdering stalker.

I’ve always wanted a stalker.

My mom use to say you haven’t made it till you’ve developed a disillusion stalker.

Though it was just book I could one could only imagine these girls was thin.

The book I’m now reading for June is “The Carrie Diaries” by Candace Bushnell.


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