17 May

Looking for thinspiration for this summer’s wardrobe I nibbled upon this tasty fashion spread of Arlenis Sosa in the latest issue of Spanish Vogue serving up skinny and colour! I was kinda Über pleased with this spread. I’ve been recently looking for some new things to brighten up my ensembles and what inst better than come luscious colored trainers?

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After my last post one of my readers interposed shoes as an accessory, though I am not a shoe guy I do love accessories so it’s time for me to step my shoe came up.

I’ve been on the lookout for some cool zestful sneakers. Aside from the tennis fetish…

Shot by David Vasiljevic I enjoy everything about this spread, the clothes, the skin tones and the hair. Mixing barely there bikinis and floor-length cover ups, with trainers this is a delicious set up for a perfect day in the sun. Not to mention the sizes of all the models thighs.

All I need now are two more weeks on the StairMaster after I get back from Footlocker.


2 Responses to “Menu”

  1. arthur July 23, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    she is stunning thanx for this post didnt know bout her she is jst so awesome

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