Chew on This!

2 May

I think with all this dieting in preparation for summer, rather than shrinking waist-lines people’s brain cells are dissolving just as fast.

Between Twitter, Facebook and real life I’m noticing more and more how delusional people around me are becoming. Maybe it’s from reading the Secret or constructing those sad “wish boards” but it’s like majority of the people I know are living in what I like to call a fool’s paradise.

A fool’s paradise is inhabited by those pseudo celebrities (you know who got a new cellular phone equipped with a camera and scarf now they’re a model and or stylist.) Let’s not forget the rap artists (that’s the new dope game) in other words I’m not getting a job any time soon. They only are famous and important in their own mind which is good when you actually have talent.

But this post isn’t about that.

At a dinner party the other night, yes I attended a function involving food but no one can say I actually ate anything. I just hold the food to look engaged and when heads are turn- trash it!

Well the topic of discussion was haters and fighting. One thing I loathe is when people claim to have haters. I feel for someone to hate you or on you they have to know you and if not then, why does it matter? Hate is a deep extreme dislike for someone thats emotional so, if I don’t know you how could I hate on you.

All our timelines are ballooned like a fat chick menstruating after a box of snack cakes with people defending themselves against someone they seem as a “non factor.”

Well a couple of days ago I had the same conversation with a friend.

A text conversation between myself and…we’ll call him Chandler (you know from Friends the insightfully cynical one who is obviously a closet freak.)

Chandler: Goodness what are the Van Der Woodsens (you know from Gossip Girl undoubtly delusional and dysfunctional yet impeccably dressed) giving today?
Me: I guess he tweeted something shady and his “fans” came for him, you know when you’re a celebrity you have to be perfect because the public will try to bring you down. Lmao!
Chandler: Lol! That is why I tweet positive. I try not to talk about anyone in public. I use my powers for education.
Me: You’re just as insane as them.
Chandler: They’re crazy, if you say you don’t care what other people think then why go out of your way to talk bad about someone.
Me: Obviously! You’d think they were Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown the way they defend themselves to their haters daily and pop off at anyone who says otherwise. I love them but as delusional as they think others are they are living in a fool’s paradise.
Chandler: I love them too
Chandler: Period
Chandler: Next paragraph. I just don’t believe in drama or making enemies. I’m not going to give you a reason not to like me. That’s your choice.
Me: Chandler!!! This is why I cherish you. I said the same thing at a function last week. It takes two to argue my dad use to say “I yell and fight with you b/c I love you” well if I don’t really factor you in my life then I have no reason to yell and argue with you. In my world everyone love me b/c I never open my mouth to give you reason to not like me. Maybe I’m living in a fool’s paradise but disputing over things or people I view as insignificant physically make me tired and I need that energy to run from Sallie Mae.

So I’m asking… Is it worth the calorie burn to defend yourself or express your loath for someone you deem insignificant?


4 Responses to “Chew on This!”

  1. Antonio Maurice Daniels May 2, 2011 at 2:13 am #

    While I agree with you that people should not dwell on calling people “haters” who are insignificant to them, I have real haters who are in positions of power and influence who I have to identify as haters. Know they enemies. I don’t give them any public attention through mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and etc., but I focus my attention on them in private–where it really matters. I focus on executing them by any means necessary.

    I have haters who attempt to undermine my professional and academic reputation, which, of course, affects my livelihood. I don’t believe in dwelling on them in public, but you better believe I slay, execute, and destroy them in private. Many of these public rants about haters are just cries for attention, so I do understand your point. I love your work. You give me a chance to laugh and think critically simultaneously. Good job!

  2. Jada May 6, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

    I agree with you, how can you have haters if you don’t make haters… People always talk about how they not worried about who hating on them but truth be told they are worried.. My thing is why live a life having to always watch your back and think somebody hating on you… Try give that person props… I mean if I see a female and she is pretty I’ll say that(not just because I am BI sexual). But it’s given her respect where respect is due.. Ijs


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