Sustainable accessories for adding one more thing to your outfit

  • Stuff to go with the other stuff.

    You were probably wondering if we make things to go with all the dresses, swimwear, and other clothes we make. We’ve got accessories like hats, totes, sunglasses, shoes, and more. Some of it depends on season and some of it is here year-round. We carry stuff from our cool friends like Patagonia and occasionally find one-of-a-kind vintage. Our accessories use materials and fabrics like organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, polyamide, and more. Cute and good for the planet.

    How are Reformation accessories made sustainably?

    Fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world, and Reformation strives to help change that. We partner with accessory brands that share the same values and sustainable practices that Reformation works hard to maintain. Ref accessories are made sustainably in factories with smaller environmental impact, like our facilities in Los Angeles, China, and across the USA. Check out the sustainable partners guidebook to see how we look for partners that hold true to our goals.