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                 公司拥↓有先进的加工中心,代表世界级水平的高效、高精度的磨齿机及各类数控机床;拥有齿轮整◇体误差测量仪、齿轮跳动检测仪、齿轮蜗轮检测双⌒面仪等先进检测设备。近年来,恒齿传动公司致力于国际、国★内减速机设备的研制、开发和数字化∞设计,为国内外各个♀行业的机械传动提供了极佳的设计方↙案。“恒齿工”产品,广泛地应用于污水处理、环保设备、高精密制造¤、冶金矿山、啤酒饮料、印染纺织、起重运输、筑路机械、石油化工、仓储物流、木工机械、环保设备、印刷包装、制药皮革、立体停车◣等领域。产品行ω销国内各大城市,并配ω 套出口加拿大、奥地利、巴西、东南亚等国◆家,在同行中率先通过ISO9001:2000质量管理体系认证,CE认证,ISO14000环境∑ 体系认证和煤矿安全认证。我公司已取得国家高新技术企业称号,为国家星火计划实①施单位,浙江省知名商号,浙江省专利示范企业,浙江省科技型企业,浙江你難道不進去省企业技术中心。
                Zhejiang Evergear Driving Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhejiang Omiter Speed Reducer Co., Ltd.) is a famous enterprise specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and sales of speed reducer equipment. Our company is a director unit of China Gear Manufacturers Association. Evergear’s sales and service network and offices spread all over major cities in China: Beijing, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Kunming, etc. Our main products include: 12 series of products such as MTD, MTN, MTJ, MTP, MTH(MTB), MTTA, Q, Z, W, MB, NMRV, with the power varying within 0.18~4000KW, and 40,000 kinds of transmission ratio. The supermarkets for serialized “Evergear” products are available for your selection at any time. With a factory area of 35,000m2, our company has advanced and complete production and inspection equipment. We have advanced machining centers, high-efficiency and high-precision gear grinders and various CNC machine tools that represent the world advanced level, gear integrated error testers, gear runout testers, gear and worm gear double contact testers and other advanced equipment. In recent years, Evergear Company has devoted itself to research, development and digital design of international and domestic speed reducing equipment, providing optimal design plans for mechanical transmission in various industries at home and abroad. "Evergear" products are widely applied in such fields as sewage treatment, environmental protection equipment, high-precision manufacturing, metallurgy and mine, beer and beverage, printing and dyeing, textile, hoisting transportation, road machinery, petrochemical industry, storage and logistics, wood machinery, printing and packaging, pharmacy, leather, vertical parking, etc. The products are sold well throughout large-sized cities in China, and also exported to Canada, Austria, Brazil, Southeast Asia and other countries and areas. We took the lead among our peers in obtaining the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certificate, CE certificate, ISO14000 environmental system certificate and coal mine safety certificate. Our company has been awarded such honors as National High-tech Enterprise, Implementation Unit for National Spark Planning, Zhejiang Provincial Famous Trade Name, Zhejiang Provincial Model Enterprise of Patents, Zhejiang Provincial Technology-oriented Enterprise, Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Technical Center, etc. We faithfully expect new and old friends at home and abroad to visit and instruct us. Evergear, with a brand-new image, will cooperate with you hand in hand to jointly create a brilliant future
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                电话:0577-63706691  传真:0577-63706696  地址:浙江温州平阳县万全镇机电创业园